Ordering through an online app
One in four consumers spends more on online restaurant orders than they do in actual restaurants.

Adding online ordering for your restaurant should be a no-brainer. Studies have demonstrated that online ordering is growing each year and that one in four consumers actually spends more online than in actual restaurants. Best of all, it’s pretty easy to set up with the proper restaurant point-of-sale system.

That said, some restaurant owners have been slow to adopt the technology. If you’re still searching for reasons, here are six things to consider:

Online ordering can increase customer loyalty

We all know how much easier it is to sell to an existing customer than to sell to a new customer. The existing customer is already familiar with your brand and your value proposition. It’s just a matter of keeping him or her happy and enticing them to return. To do that, rely on online ordering to make it as easy as possible to order more food from you. If your point-of-sale system includes a built-in loyalty program, your customers can wrack up points or reward dollars or what have you when they come back through your online ordering system. This will hopefully increase the frequency of the customer’s orders because they want to get those rewards. 

Online ordering can improve order accuracy

This is one of the biggest reasons to push customers to use an online ordering system. If they are entering the order, they will fill it out exactly as they want it. No more mistakes by the wait staff. The order should come out the same as it was entered by the customer. 

Online ordering can improve employee productivity

The online ordering system can potentially free some employees from having to manually take orders. It would mean they can do other things, like ensuring that the orders come out quickly or cleaning up more frequently or helping answer questions for in-store customers.  

Online ordering can help you collect more email addresses

The one can be critical to growing your customer base. The ability to collect email addresses means you can stay in touch with customer more easily via email. Email is one of the most effective marketing activities you can pursue so it’s a great place to invest your time and energy. Many times it can be free if you are within certain limits. That said, the online ordering process will almost certainly involve collecting an email address at some point. Use this data to build a thriving email marketing campaign

Online ordering can give you better analytics

The online orders themselves can tell you a lot about what’s popular and what’s not selling. If you can tell that no one seems to like a certain item, it’s probably a good idea to keep less of it stocked. On the other hand, if the new pineapple burgers are moving like hotcakes, then you’ll want to look at understanding why (is it due to some new promotion) and make sure you keep inventory levels appropriate with the number of orders coming in each week. 

Online ordering is easy to set up

Last but certainly not least, online ordering is not difficult to set up. Many times, it’s an add-on service for your point-of-sale system software. With the menu set up through the POS, you simply need to enable the data to be used for a website to allow for ordering. 

That’s it. Just like we promised. It’s really that easy. 

Want to learn more about online ordering through your point-of-sale system? Contact us today for a demo. 

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