Have you ever been to a cafe or store whereupon checking out, you can see your transaction items recorded on a display in real time?

This is called customer-facing display. It allows the customer to view the price of the item(s) as they are being scanned or entered into the point-of-sale software. By providing this feature, you’re offering your customers the assurance that what they’re ordering is what they’re paying for.

Moreover, customers can see the amount they are saving if the item they’re purchasing is discounted. When customers know they are saving money, they may be more inclined to shop for other items or order more food and drink.

Another big advantage of a customer-facing display is ensuring that they are entered into your loyalty/rewards program. It enhances the customer experience by seeing how many points they have accumulated. If the customer has accumulated enough points to cash in on a reward, this will further enhance the customer’s buying experience. Not to mention, the customer might also purchase another item.

What is a customer-facing display?

Also called a “front-facing monitor” or “front-facing screen,” a customer-facing display (CFD) is a customizable screen that, as the name implies, faces the customer.

Why is it necessary to have a CFD when a mobile POS or regular retail POS will do just fine?

Advantages of a CFD

For starters, consider the psychology of a CFD. By allowing the customer to see in retail time what they are purchasing and what the cost is, the customer feels more in control.

Sometimes, customers get sticker shock, which is, needless to say, an unpleasant shopping experience.

Let’s use an example. Say you’re a vendor of gourmet foods at a weekly farmer’s market. You have several gluten free snacks for sale. Using your smartphone, you can integrate it with a CFD at your booth. If a customer, after buying several items, decides that one of the items costs too much for their budget, they can remove the item before the final transaction. This will result in a better customer experience; more than likely, the customer will patronize your business again instead of thinking that your products are too expensive.

Here’s another advantage of using a CFD. You can advertise discounts and specials. Let’s use another example. If you’re selling wine, you can run a “2 for 1 bottles today only!” special. Or if there are any products that you want to clear inventory for, announcing special sales on a CFD literally puts the promotion right in the customer’s face.

Don’t Have a CFD? You Might Be Breaking the Law!

Unfortunately, some rules and laws are antiquated and draconian. As this CBS affiliate in San Francisco explains, one such outdated law, depending on your point of view, might be California’s law requiring business to “conspicuously display” the price of each good or service as it is being rung up.

And just having a mobile payment system might not be enough. You simply can’t show the customer the price of the goods after it’s recorded in the point-of-sale system. If you’re selling something in California and have a brick-and-mortar location, you need a customer-facing display that shows the customer what they’re purchasing and the cost of it as the transaction is occurring.

A simple fix to this law is hooking up a smartphone or tablet to your POS software.

More CFD Advantages

But even if you live in a state that doesn’t have California’s strict commerce transaction policy, step into your customer’s shoes. Doesn’t it enhance the customer experience to see what you’re paying and paying for in real time?

A CFD eliminates the possibility of a customer being rung up for the wrong item. In addition, your storefront will look sleeker and more modern with slimmer devices instead of bulky electronic cash registers.

And yet another advantage is cutting down on environmental waste. Many of your customers will choose to receive a receipt either by email or text, while others will choose not to receive one. This results in less paper going into landfills.

Interested in learning more about point-of-sale systems and customer-facing displays? Contact us for a demo.

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