Restaurant point of sale system

Sleek hardware options are another reason to upgrade to a modern point of sale system.

Nothing has boosted restaurant technology updates faster than 2020.

Wait. Are you still getting by with an outdated point of sale system? Here are just a few features of modern POS solutions that have pretty much become requirements for today’s restaurants. Indeed, there’s never been a better time to invest in new technology when you can include items such as:

Kiosk self-ordering. Even under normal circumstances, self-ordering kiosks are great for customers and for your business. Customers like them because they can order want they want, how they want it. Also, research on kiosks indicates that self-service devices lead to increased spending by customers. In a pandemic, some customers will welcome the reduced human interaction but others may worry about cleanliness. To alleviate those fears, place some hand sanitizer by the screens along with signs asking customers to wash their hands before and after using the devices.

Online ordering. Hers’s another feature that can reduce human-to-human interaction during the pandemic. If customers want, they can use the online ordering feature that’s integrated with modern point of sale systems to use a website or app to buy lunch or dinner (or breakfast). Many online ordering systems can be integrated seamlessly with a branded website and, most importantly, they can be styled to look good on a mobile phone.

Delivery service integration. Many modern point of sale systems come with integrations to third-party delivery services such as Uber Eats, Grubhub, DoorDash and Postmates. If your business is concerned about the fees those services charge, that’s not a problem. Most modern systems also come with their own delivery features (see #4).

Delivery dispatch. Want to avoid the fees from the services mentioned in #3? No problem. In fact, setting up delivery through your point of sale system is the easy part. Some systems have a super simple drag-and-drop feature to assign orders to drivers. It’s also relatively simple to add or remove delivery drivers, print out directions and review order assignments.

Guest engagement app. Never heard of a guest engagement app? Well, it’s time you learned about this relatively new tech phenomenon. It’s an app that’s tied to your point of sale system and allows customers to do all kinds of things such as earning rewards in a loyalty program, using digital gift cards and taking advantage of skip-the-line ordering. It’s everything you’d need in a mobile app without having to build it yourself.

Contactless payments. Many of the new EMV-enabled point of sale systems are compatible with contactless payment peripherals, which means offering this payment choice to customers is easy and convenient. That’s a good thing considering how fast contactless payments such as Apple Pay are growing each year.

Cloud-based software. These days, almost all software is moving to the cloud — and for good reason. Having your software served from the cloud allows for the software to be updated remotely so there’s no need to have an expensive technician visit on-site to perform updates. It also allows you to access your business reporting from anywhere you have a screen and an Internet connection. Worried about your system working when the Internet goes down? No problem. Most systems these days have the ability to continue taking payments and processing food orders even when the Internet is not working.

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