More and more small businesses are converting to mobile point-of-sale (POS), or mPOS, systems to increase speed, convenience, and efficiency, while creating a memorable experience for customers.

Does your business still handle transactions with a bulky electronic cash register (ECR)?

Hey, if business isn’t bad, perhaps you should adhere to the maxim, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it?”

Well, business can always be better. More efficient, more streamlined.

And think about the symbolism of a large ECR….

It acts as a large barrier between the customer and you (or your employees). This barrier is not merely a physical one, but also an emotional one. There simply is less of a connection that can be had between the customer and order taker when a large ECR stands in the way.

Furthermore, ECRs poorly reflect the needs and values of today’s on-the-go, connected consumers, who expect their experience at your business to be flawless and quick.

More and more small businesses are converting to mobile point-of-sale (POS), or mPOS, systems to increase speed, convenience, and efficiency, while creating a memorable experience for customers.

What is Mobile POS?

Let’s start with what it’s not….

Ever go to a street fair and see a vendor swipe a credit card with a little square mobile credit card reader attached to a mobile device?

This is a form of a mobile payment, but not necessarily a mPOS.

A true mPOS provides business owners with a vast array of metrics and reporting data.

Besides the obvious advantage of mPOS units being much smaller, there are several other benefits of fulfilling orders with mPOS.

Mobile point-of-sale makes it possible to engage with customers in several ways that wouldn’t be possible with an ECR.

For example, say you’re a restaurant or cafe. A mPOS system can alert customers when their table is ready.

Or say you’re a food truck operator and it’s a busy night. Instead of having your customers wait until they reach the window of the food truck to place their order, one of your co-workers can take orders in line with mPOS.

Customers can even pay their bill at the table with mPOS. And instead of waiting for a paper receipt, you can cut down on environmental waste by sending the customer a receipt via email.

Mobile POS makes it simple to initiate customer loyalty/rewards programs. All a customer has to do is enter their phone number to record their purchase in the mobile POS.

Some mPOS systems can even send your customers a text message when their food is ready (either for sit-down service or take out).

You can also keep your brand on your customer’s minds by sending text messages using mPOS to announce special promotions.

Save Time with Mobile POS

If you don’t have real-time reporting, it’s hard to fully analyze how your business is doing. Although ECRs are certainly better for reporting than manual cash registers, compared to mobile POS, using an ECR is akin to calculating on an abacus.

MPOS saves small business owners time. Instead of having to print order totals or inputting data into a ledger, the MPOS reports sales figures and other data in real time.

Using an mPOS system gives your business a psychological edge. Customers will appreciate that you’re using modern technology and investing in your business.

Say you’re a neighborhood restaurant that does brisk business. The customer will have their meals served faster if the servers are entering orders in a mobile POS, compared to taking orders with a pad of paper and then having to drop off the paper at the chef window. (Not to mention the paper can get lost in the shuffle, which doesn’t bode well for the customer experience.)

As more and more of your customers are using software that makes their life easier, they expect the businesses they patronize to mirror their needs for expediency and efficacy.

Fulfilling orders using an mPOS system will better meet your customers needs’ for speed and accuracy.

And, best of all, it will save you time and offer real-time business reporting.

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