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Modern point-of-sale systems come with lots of extra features that didn’t exist even 10 years ago.

We’ve previously talked about why you’ll want to change your point-of-sale if you have one powered by a certain long-lived operating system. But, even if you don’t fall into that category, there are plenty of reasons why 2019 is a good year to consider upgrading or changing your restaurant POS. Especially if you’re using a system that’s more than 10 years old.

Here are six reasons to consider an upgrade:

1. A new point-of-sale can help with customer marketing.
Every restaurant owner wants help with marketing to customers and turning new ones into regular visitors. Modern point-of-sale systems can help you reach those customers by allowing you to collect customer email addresses and using that list to send coupons and other promotions. In addition, many point-of-sale systems can print a receipt that mentions your social media properties. This can help build an online audience that you can reach with new content and advertising.

2. A new point-of-sale can help with inventory.
This is an area that many restaurant owners struggle with: knowing how much of each ingredient to keep in stock. A modern point-of-sale can help track inventory and produce reports of what’s being used and in what quantities. Because inventory is one of those areas where you can control costs, it’s vital to keep track of it so that you don’t spend more than you have to. This can have a direct effect on monthly profits.

3. A new point-of-sale can help with managing employees.
Along with inventory, labor is a cost that can be managed better through a point-of-sale system. Some modern systems will have an employee ‘clock-in, clock-out’ feature that tracks hours worked. If you examine the reports on employee hours, you may find places where you can cut back on labor so that your expense won’t be as high.

As a bonus, some systems will also track employee transactions on the POS. Having that can help you find out who’s been using the machine if there’s a problem or discrepancy in the books.

4. A new point-of-sale can speed up service.
If you’re running a quick service or fast food joint, then the speed at which the cash register runs will have a direct impact on customer satisfaction. Modern point-of-sale systems often have a ‘quick’ button built in to allow for quick ring ups of popular items. This allows you to service the queue much faster during those busy times so that you’re getting orders to the kitchen faster.

5. A new point-of-sale system can provide alternate payment methods.
With Facebook now offering a crypto-currency, Bitcoin enjoying a resurgence, mobile payments on the rise and EMV continuing to catch on, customers today like to have options when it comes to paying. Newer point-of-sale systems will have the ability to add-on these payment methods if they don’t already have them built in.

6. A new point-of-sale system can expand functionality more easily than in the past.
New point-of-sale systems often come with the ability to interface with other peripherals such as customer-facing displays and even kiosks. As these types of self-service items become more popular, it makes sense to invest in a new point-of-sale system that will allow you to expand into these other technologies in the future if you don’t already have them today.

Want to see what a modern point-of-sale system can do for your restaurant? Contact us today for a demo.

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