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As a restaurant owner, it is important to keep up with the digital space your customers love in outside of your business. Your success might be defined by your customers’ experience and online reviews. Keep your business modern by taking advantage of apps that are interoperable with your mobile POS system.   

Luckily, app developers have made it easier for business owners to keep up with customer expectations and marketing efforts. With these innovations, you can run an efficient business and bring in customers faster.  


Yelp is by far the most powerful app for restaurant owners. The app is so well known that it has become one of the most downloaded apps to date. In an instant, your prospective customers are shown information about your business, such as hours, menu, and special deals. However, the heart of the app is in the customer reviews. It’s displayed in a manner for users to make their decisions based on others’ experiences.  

For great reviews, it’s imperative that restaurant owners leave good impressions with their customers. Typically, your potential customers are looking for quality and quantity. They not only look at how many stars you’ve earned, but also how many reviews have been left. Encourage your visitors to leave reviews for incentives like a free dessert or a discounted meal. Better and frequent reviews mean more customers and revenue.  


Restavista is great for consumers who are craving something specific at the time of their search. The app allows users to type in specific interests and cravings.  

For example, when you type in alfredo pasta, and you see search results of places that offer alfredo pasta near you. As a business owner, include as many keywords as possible that relate to your restaurant so you do not miss out on any potential customers. 


HiDine is a dating app for those looking for a dinner partner with the same taste preferences. This allows singles to enjoy a night with someone new. The app will find the best restaurants based on interests. If you sell the idea of being a great restaurant for a date, your ambience should match. Otherwise, you may face negative reviews of disappointed customers.  


The thought of eating alone causes a lot of people to stay in for a meal or take it to-go. For most people, bringing along a few more people to go out to for a meal is more enjoyable. Foodfriends matches hungry users with other foodies that have the same craving.  

Whether it’s positive or negative, users can post pictures from their experience at your business. This allows for higher engagement and more customers strolling through your doors. As an added bonus, you can promote your daily specials through the app to entice customers to come to your restaurant. 

Postec is the leading POS provider for hotel, restaurant, and grocery locations all across Atlanta. We are working on integrating and working with various apps to help restaurant owners generate more customers. If you’re interested, call us today at 1.800.783.9413 to learn more about what Postec can do for you.  

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