Does your point of sale system look like this? Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. Besides being woefully out of date, here are other reasons to get a new POS.

Bell-bottom pants have made a comeback. So, too, have vinyl records. And let’s not forget 1980’s fashions and hair styles. In the retail world, will cash registers once again be the norm in trendy cafes and fashion boutiques? Time will only tell. But one thing is for certain: cash registers, though they make the sweetest cha-ching sound when a transaction is made, don’t provide you with real-time info about your business’ vital stats such as sales reports and inventory.

If you’re still using an antiquated cash register, it’s obvious that it’s time for an upgrade if you’re spending lots of extra time manually sifting through SKU counts and using an abacus to track sales.

However, for many business owners, having a relatively-recent point of sale (POS) system (at least in comparison to a cash register) can cause countless headaches.

Here are some signs your POS needs an upgrade….

Frequent Crashes

Very few things ruin restaurant server morale more than when the POS crashes. Of course, even the latest, greatest restaurant POS can crash from time to time. But generally speaking, if your POS is, say, 5-7 years old, it may be more vulnerable to system failures. If you find yourself frequently rebooting your POS software, it could be worth the investment to upgrade to a more recent system.

You’re Married To Your Business

Spending too much time away from home and the family? If you’re spending more time at your place of business simply for the fact that your data server is on site, consider upgrading to a cloud-based technology. A cloud-based POS can let you access all vital reports from anywhere that has Internet connection.

When your POS is linked to an on-site server, another downside is the unsightly wires that connect the server to your computer or other hardware.

You may also be losing money if you have an on-site server. This is because on-site servers run more energy than cloud-based systems.

Low Supplies

If you’re inventory is running dangerously low too often, there’s no better time to upgrade to a best-in-class POS. A state of the art POS will notify you if your inventory is getting too low. This takes the guesswork out of reordering supplies. Think about all the potential lost revenue from being out of stock. The minimal investment of a retail POS is well worth it. 

Clueless About Best Customers

Can your antiquated electronic cash register tell you who your best customers are? If not, that’s another reason to upgrade your sales transaction hardware and software. A POS not only collects money and dispenses change (or rings up a credit card transaction), it can help you launch customer loyalty/VIP programs. With a few clicks, you can reward your best customers with special sales promotions.

Data Theft

Is your POS several years old? If so, can you confidently say that your customers’ data is secure? When is the last time your POS has had a security update? Even if the last update was relatively recent, can your operating system keep up with today’s security standards?

If you’re not sure, contact us today for a demonstration.

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