grocery store point of sales system

Check out these features that are key to a great grocery pos system.

Grocery stores are unique businesses and the point-of-sale systems that run them are unique also.

Today’s grocery POS systems are more sophisticated than ever and they can help run your store better than they ever could in the past. But, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, the POS options can seem overwhelming.

No worries. We here at POSTEC have you covered. Here are just a few of the features that are key to a great grocery pos system:

1. Integrated Loyalty and Promotional Program
It shouldn’t be any surprise that this is at the top of the list. Modern grocery point-of-sale systems come integrated with loyalty and promotional programs. If you plan on using customer data to boost your marketing, you’ll want to set up a loyalty program in your store and then use that to track customer habits. If you run promotions on certain categories in your store, what’s the response? Did revenues move up in that category? Did the additional foot traffic lead to a rise in sales in other categories? These are the types of things you can learn with a modern loyalty program.

2. Strong Reporting Capabilities
Now that the loyalty and promotional program is in place, you’ll need to analyze the torrent of data heading your way each day through the program. Here’s where reporting comes in. You’ll want a system that offers flexibility in the way it slices and dices the data. Can you see different parts of the day? How granular can you make the categories? How is the data presented? Can it be exported? These are all questions to ask when evaluating a new system.

3. Unified Front and Back Office Systems
It should go without saying but you’ll want to reduce the number of systems you need to login and logout of to get the information you need to run the store. Previous generations of grocery store technology required lots of importing and exporting of data to make comparisons and to see information from different stores (if you are managing multiple stores). That’s no longer the case. Many modern grocery POS systems can present data in the back office from multiple locations. Also, the system running in the back office is almost always an extension of the software running in the front of the store, providing owners with a total management tool that requires fewer logins and less maintenance.

4. Integrated Inventory
Modern grocery POS systems can help greatly with inventory management. Many of them come with the ability to use a mobile device for inventory deliveries. The ability to change prices based on stock is available and you’ll be surprised how quickly the changes show up at the point-of-sale. Moreover, the POS system can be connected to the warehouse partner supplying your stores. That type of connection can make visibility into inventory control go much deeper than previously possible.

5. Future Integration Friendly (for things like fuel pump integration)
This idea is often overlooked so be sure to ask about the ability to integrate other modules into your system. The idea here is to ensure your new grocery POS system will be somewhat future-proof if you decide to expand into, say, fuel pumps outside your building. The point of sale should be created in such a way as to make it easy to integrate a new offering such a fuel distribution.

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