Whether you’re starting a new business or your established business is in need of a marketing reboot, these tips for building your brand will help.

What exactly is marketing?

Is it simply having a logo? And maybe storefront signage?

Does your website and print collateral (postcards and flyers) count as marketing, too?

The answer is yes to all the above.

Sure, having a catchy, memorable logo helps. But that’s not all marketing entails.


Innovation is a core component of marketing. In other words, offering something unique that no other (or few other) businesses can offer helps with your mareting.

However, let’s say that you want to open a neighborhood pizza eatery. You might have delicious pizza, but you’re not offering an innovative product like the iPhone, which helped Apple become the iconic company it is today.

Even a pizza joint can offer something innovative. Think of a recipe that no other pizza restaurant in the area offers. Would you be the only pizza place with a chocolate sauce dessert pizza? If so, your community will become more familiar with your brand because of this innovative offering.

Be a Pillar In the Community

If you played little league baseball or another youth sport, perhaps your team was sponsored by a local business. Sponsoring a youth sport is an excellent way to build your brand. So, too, is participating in philanthropic endeavors, such as food and toy drives. If you can demonstrate to your customers why you believe in a certain philanthropic or civic cause, it may hit them on an emotional level. Connecting with your customers on an emotional level plays a big part in marketing psychology.

Moreover, what will really help establish your brand is if you, the owner, become the face of the business. Every business both national and local that has a memorable face to deliver the core values and messaging becomes a more memorable brand. Think: KFC’s Colonel; Dave of Wendy’s Burgers; Crazy Eddie; any local car dealership commercial featuring the owner.

Focus on Social Media But Don’t Spread Yourself Thin

For the last decade or so, social media has become a new cornerstone in establishing brand awareness. But one mistake many new businesses make is trying to establish brand awareness on too many social media profiles at once.

The more prudent social media branding strategy is to focus on one profile at a time. Build your Facebook following first, for example. Then, you can focus on another profile such as Instagram.

If you’re using a social media manager, make sure that person’s posts do not stray from your brand’s values. For example, if you don’t want anything posted that could be construed as divisive, make sure your social media manager doesn’t post something political.

Be Consistent

Are your employees on the same page when it comes to answering customer questions or following store policy? Customers appreciate consistency; they don’t like being told one thing by an employee and something contradictory by another employee. For example, one employee might tell a customer that a receipt is need for a refund while another employee can say it’s not necessary.

While it might be impossible to police your employees all the time, make sure your training emphasizes consistency with customer interactions.

Offer Incentives

A crucial aspect of marketing is giving your customers a reason to come back again and again. Do you have a rewards or loyalty program? If not you’re missing out on an effective customer retention and brand awareness strategy.

Do you email your customers a coupon code on their birthday? That’s yet another simple way to increase brand awareness and improve your marketing.

In conclusion, the visual imagery of your logo and signage is critical for marketing. But it’s not the whole enchilada.

Also, one last thing: having a best-in-class point of sale system will help your marketing because your business will run more efficiently; customers will notice and come back. Contact us today for a demonstration.

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