mobile point of sale at a restaurant table

A mobile point of sale can help your staff answer questions from guests.

A mobile point of sale is just a point of sale that’s on a tablet computer, right? Is there anything more to it?

In short, yes. There’s a lot more.

A mobile point of sale does more than just let you accept payments on a tablet. It enables your staff to provide a better customer experience, it includes more options for checking out customers and it helps you move your business outdoors if necessary, which can be especially advantageous during a pandemic.

Here are five of the biggest advantages to using a mobile point of sale:

1) Take the Store Outside

As mentioned above, the first advantage is a timely one: you can easily accept payments outside, on the sidewalk or even in the parking lot. With a mobile POS, it’s relatively simple to set up tables and chairs outside to serve food to customers. The wait staff can enter orders on the tablets and then allow customers to pay at their tables. Similarly, a retail store can move some of its merchandise outside and let customers pay at a table with an employee standing nearby to help them check out.

2) Bust Long Lines

Some businesses have trouble moving customers through the checkout line in a timely manner. What’s to be done in those situations? Well, the mobile point of sale can be a lifesaver. All that needs to happen is for an employee to grab a tablet and start checking out customers who are in line. All of the overflow can go to the mobile POS station while the ‘regular’ point of sale continues to work as usual. In fact, if it gets super busy, it would not be difficult to set up more than one mobile POS station to alleviate the long lines and make them go faster.

3) Create an Endless Aisle

If your point of sale system is integrated with your inventory system (and, it should be), then it’s possible for your employees to help customers in ways that were not possible a few years back. Now, when a customer asks a question about a version of a product that’s not available in your main store, an employee can help by ordering that version of the product from the mobile point of sale. The employee can also collect payment for the product right then and there and have the product shipped to the customer.

This improves the overall customer experience because the shopper is able to get what they want from the store.

4) Answer Any Customer Question

What if the customer asks a different question? Meaning, not one about a version of the product. What if they have a question about the product in general? Maybe they are wondering where it’s made or what ingredients are used to make it? Without the mobile point of sale, the employee either needs to have all of these details memorized or they need to leave to go consult someone who may have the answer. With the mobile point of sale, the employee can attempt to answer the question right on the spot. If necessary, they could pull up a search engine and type the question in to see what sort of answers come back. Many times, the product manufacturer will have the information listed on their website.

5) Provide Instant Customer Recommendations

If your point of sale system is integrated with a loyalty program (and it should be), then you can use that to improve the customer experience even more. This one requires that the employee interact with the customer in some way and the customer provides a way to identify themselves in the system. If that happens, the employee can potentially see previous purchases and then use that information to make other recommendations.

Want to learn about other advantages of using a mobile point of sale system? Contact us today for a demonstration.

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