Video camera recording

Tell your entrepreneurial story on camera. There’s probably no better way to hook people’s interest in your business than by presenting them with the tale of how you got started.

There’s never been a better time in history to shoot and record video. The barriers to entry have never been lower. It’s become almost trivial to post a video to the web.

And yet, because there are so many people out there shooting quick videos on their phones or point-and-shoot cameras, there’s never been a time with more bad videos have existed.

If you want your marketing videos to stand out, here are five video story ideas for improving engagement and shooting footage that will bring more customers in the door.

Use Customer Testimonials
Videos of customers giving your business high marks should be your first priority. First hand accounts from other customers will almost certainly raise your stature in the minds of people who are checking you out for the first time. Since customers may not know what to say, you may want to have a handy list of prompting questions such as ‘What do you like best about’ whatever it is that you do in your business.

Tell Your Entrepreneurial Story
People love stories. It’s a simple but powerful truth. And there’s probably no better way to hook people’s interest in your business than by presenting them with the tale of how you got started. Deep down, lots of folks want to own their own business and they’re always curious as to how others got their start. This is your chance to share your entrepreneurial insights and to position yourself as an expert in your field. Tell the story honestly and in your own way. It’s sure to connect with viewers.

Provide Tips and Explanations
These types of videos can be very helpful in turning prospects into buyers. Do you sell a certain type of tool at your retail store? Do a quick video explaining what the tool does and how it can be used. Does your restaurant specialize in a certain kind of food? Bring the camera into the kitchen and (without giving away any secrets) explain how the dish is made. Or, if you don’t want to explain how it’s made, you can always talk about the dish, what makes it special and what inspired you to add it to your menu.

Thank Customers
Did you recently hit a milestone in your business? Even if you haven’t you can probably find some milestone to celebrate. As a way to say thank you, go shoot a video proclaiming your gratitude to your customers. Let them know how much you appreciate their support and that without them, your business couldn’t have reached this important accomplishment.

Show Your Company Culture
These can be a great way to display your company’s personality. No need for fancy interviews or setting up lighting. Just make sure the shot can be seen under the lighting conditions at your business and then film away. Capture some of the interesting people that work there or explain a little bit about the company culture. As a bonus, this video story idea will not only help you connect with customers but it will also help you out with recruiting. Prospective employees always want to know what it’s like to work somewhere and this is a perfect way to give them a glimpse into life at your business.

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