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Need an idea to attract local school families to your business? Offer discounts to students who receive good grades.

Back to school has passed but that doesn’t mean you need to stop using school-related promotions at your small business. In fact, using school promotions will almost certainly endear you to the local community so it’s probably a good idea to continue using them.

Moreover, the school-related marketing activity can help your small business during fall time period when sales may take a dip before heading into the busy holiday season.

With that, let’s take a look at a few school-related promotions you might want to test out:

Sponsor an event. Stay in front of the school crowd by sponsoring an event related to students or teachers. This could mean something as simple as advertising at the local high school football game each week or it could mean sponsoring a PTA activity during a weeknight. Either way, you’ll likely get a good bang for your buck in terms of local advertising (which tends to cost less than the traditional, big media type).

Provide teacher discounts. Looking for another way to attract the attention of educators? Why not offer a teacher discount? This can be used in conjunction with a loss-leader strategy where you discount something to the point where you take a slight loss but you make up for it in the additional traffic and purchases that come with attracting the teachers to your location.

Give away a school-related gift with each purchase. Speaking of loss-leaders, is there something you could give away as part of a purchase related to school? Maybe it could be something as simple as a donation to the local parent teacher association whenever someone spends more than $50 at your business? Or, maybe you give away tickets to the local high school football game to the first 50 people who order your special that day. That’s sure to be a winning ticket with your customers!

Target commuter traffic. We all know parents and teachers who are in a rush in the mornings and in afternoons both going to and from school. With all that traffic out there, it’s an opportune time to lure them into your business with some sort of a special. You can offer a coffee special between certain hours when school commuters and carpool drivers are most likely to drop in for a quick pick-me-up. While they’re in the store, you could also offer them a bite to eat or some snacks for keeping their energy up during after-school activities.

Reward students who get good grades. Finally, you could offer discounts or rewards to students who receive good grades. What better way to ingratiate yourself to the local students! Of course, it might make sense to ask to see a report card (you might want to specify that in your advertising). If they bring in a report card that demonstrates good grades, then you can provide them with a 50 percent discount on one item (or something like that). This way, you receive some extra business and you provide motivation for students to excel in school. Win win!

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