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grab airport mobile ordering app

Rushing through the airport & hungry? It seems like however well laid my plan to eat before the airport is, I never have time to do it. I’m always running to my gate, wishing there was a better alternative to the $7 yogurt parfait or $12 bland salad.

And now there is! You can grab food & go using the Grab app from many of the tasty restaurants in Atlanta Hartsfield, including Fly Burger, Lotta Frutta and Fresh 2 Order. Postec customer Concessions International, operator of those restaurants, has joined the Grab platform that enables this amazing mobile ordering.

And it’s not just in Atlanta. The partnership with Concessions International added Denver, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Washington, D.C. and Miami, in addition to Atlanta. Last month, Grab announced partnerships with other airport restaurant operators, including Areas, Creative Food Group, Midfield Concession Enterprises, Star Concessions, Paradies Lagardere, Delaware North & HMS Host.  Which is great news for us, the consumer.  A large portion of airports across the U.S. are now on the Grab platform.

This brings new visibility and accessibility to airport restaurants, with detailed maps on how to get there.  Not only that, but if you’re a business traveler, it integrates with Concur.

Happy Traveling!

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