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The EMV migration is in full swing. It’s a little over a year past the October 2015 deadline for the merchant liability shift. And as most of us know, that shift means that merchants are liable for most, if not all, charges found to be fraudulent if they are not using certified EMV chip card processing terminals.

How’s the migration going? Credit card companies report that huge adoption rates. If you’re like me, your provider or bank disabled your former card, forcing you to the use the new EMV chip card. So, it’s not at all surprising that new card usage rates are allegedly over 80%.  Retail adoption rates remain low, however.  High price tags, time consuming processes and unclear options have slowed everything down.  Months ago, VISA, Mastercard and American Express all vowed to streamline their processes.

Surprisingly, smaller operations like counter-service restaurants, cafes, pizzerias & delis have spent the extra money to get an EMV enabled terminal. But it does make sense when you think about the transaction process. Counter service business generally requires a credit card to be present anyway.  If you are business that sees a lot of chargebacks, it’s an investment that’s better sooner rather than later.

For table service restaurants, however, the migration has been a much harder thing to wrap one’s head around. How do you complete a transaction in which a credit card has to be present and a pin number used, disrupting the entire sit-down restaurant experience?

For months, Postec has been testing different restaurant EMV enabled terminal technology, working to find a seamless experience for both the restaurant guest and the restaurant server.  We’re excited to announce that Touchpoint’s EMV Pay at the Table option has proven itself to be successful. It’s unobtrusive, sleek and still gives the guest a private paying & tipping experience.

More than just an EMV solution, Touchpoint’s new technology incorporates key features that are unavailable with the traditional check in the bill method. Guests can leave feedback via the Digital Bill Folio and sign up for a Loyalty program/email newsletter.

To see this new EMV pay at the table option in action, call or email us. | 800.783.9413, option 3.

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