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There are few capital improvements that are more important than your human capital. Indeed, the employees that make up the bulk of retail and restaurant operations need to be top notch because they’re the ones interacting and helping your customers.

So when you’re looking to grow your business, it pays to learn how to recruit better employees. Here are four ideas for finding the best workers:

Improve Your Job Descriptions
Your job description should be an extension of your brand. If you want to portray a fun, outgoing brand personality, that should carry through to your job descriptions. Instead of taking a tone that’s matter-of-fact and legalistic, try to infuse some of the enthusiasm that you have for your business in the job description you’re writing. It will help the job posting stand out and likely draw in the candidates who would be the best match for that brand personality.

Use Your Website for Recruiting
Take a section of your website and devote it to company culture. This can include photographs from the latest company outing and a list of values that the business embodies. Culture can mean a lot to potential workers so make sure you put your best foot forward when it comes to your company’s image.

Conduct a social media background check
Similar to a criminal background check, a social media background check will uncover any potential problems an applicant may display in their Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts. This may include drug use, racist sentiments or potentially dangerous behavior.

Watch Out For Online Reviews
Lots of websites will host reviews written by former employees. If you are not careful, these sites can make you look bad as employer if you only have negative reviews on your profile. If that’s the case, you can request reviews from employees who would provide a more balanced view of their experience at your business. Otherwise, it’s only the squeaky wheels who end up being heard.

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