POS for hospitality

A POS system in the hospitality industry must be dynamic, fast, and serve as an essential marketing tool for helping you grow your business.

Long-gone are the days when a point-of-sale system for the hospitality industry was essentially a glorified abacus, merely tracking transactions, and seeing if a hotel room was cleaned and ready for check-in.

However, relatively speaking, some point-of-sale (POS) systems are, for this day and age, as antiquated as a credit card imprinter.

Whether you’re planning on opening one neighborhood boutique hotel or you’re a serial hotelier, with visions of a lodging empire, you need a robust POS.

Not only will a dynamic POS handle every whim of your customer’s needs, it will be your most powerful marketing tool.

Let’s take a look at some basic features every POS system should include for the hospitality industry.

For starters, it should include business management tools. For example, can it track inventory such as cleaning supplies and minibar items, to name just a couple? And can it track employee hours? Can you sync it with accounting software?

These are just a few examples of how the best POS systems go far beyond merely taking payments.

Planning on offering room service? Then make sure your POS can track and manage all your orders. This includes the ability for in-house restaurant tabs to be able to transfer to the hotel’s property management system with the POS system.

A potent POS system can also streamline restaurant functionality. Not only can it capture orders and transfer them to the kitchen, it will notify the waitstaff as to when the order is ready.

Moreover, the software of a solid POS system can bolster communication between the front office, wait staff, cleaning staff and sales team.

With dynamic reporting, a POS system can analyze business trends. It can offer extensive reporting metrics.

For example, it can tell you when your busiest times of day are. And with this reporting, you can be better prepared to have more staff and inventory on hand.

The most advanced POS systems also offer you invaluable customer data. To illustrate, it can let you know which customers have patronized your business the most in a given timespan.

You can reward your customers by sending an email campaign for VIP customers, announcing a loyalty program.

In addition, customer and sales data provides you, the business owner, with a bird’s eye view of overall trends.

For example, if you know a specific entree sells the best on a particular night, you can make sure you’ll have enough of the ingredients in stock. Similarly, if a particular spa service does particularly well on a given day, this insight will ensure that you’ll make sure enough therapists are staffed.

In short, a POS system is much more than a 21-century cash register. It’s also an invoicing and accounting tool. And an employee management database, as well as a customer relationship management tool, and more….

If you had to pay for all these services separately, it would be very expensive. But the best modern POS systems are quite affordable and don’t have any hidden costs.

Furthermore, it will offer full customer support and won’t leave you scratching your head trying to figure out how to use it … as if you were programming a VCR in the 1980s.

Want to know what our POS systems can do for your hospitality business? Contact us today to get your questions answered or for a demonstration.

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