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The data is in!  And has been for some time.  As more & more chains navigate mobile / online ordering & delivery, it’s becoming more clear that it’s not a trend, but a reaction to how we want to eat.  It’s even how we want to shop.  Amazon now rivals brick and mortar stores as the largest clothing retailer, and CVS, the largest specialty pharmacy in the U.S., has added in-app and online ordering for all over there 9,600 locations.

Oracle Hospitality published a huge, comprehensive survey on millennials this year, outlining their thoughts on the hospitality industry.  It’s no surprise that over half of this generation want to order delivery & takeout from their phone.  Do their habits and wants really affect the restaurant industry?  Absolutely.  53% of them eat out at least once a week vs. 43% for the rest of the U.S. population.  That’s a big gap.

By now, we’re so used to Loyalty programs that we assume ordering online means our dollars are being tracked and that it could lead to some sort of reward, or at the very least, emailed notifications of special events, special menus or special prices.

Recently, Grubhub sponsored a panel of multi-unit restaurant CEOs to talk about “Delivery Disruption.” Marcella Venezialle at Nation’s Restaurant News outlines writes about what her takeaways were.

Panel: Mario Del Pero, co-founder and CEO of Mendocino Farms; Frank Klein, CEO of Asian Box; and Casey Taylor Patten, co-founder of Taylor Gourmet

• Understand the relationship. Del Pero advised operators to test various delivery services before committing to a partner. Next, reach out to potential providers to get a sense of the relationship dynamics, and especially how open they are to suggestions. “The tech companies that have made it have stayed open to that dynamic,” he said.

• Be aware of your brand. Klein said that maintaining the brand experience for all customers, whether delivery or dine-in, is critical. “It’s so important to worry about that,” he said. Next up for Asian Box is using delivery as a brand marketing tool.

• Identify growth opportunities. Taylor Gourmet saw delivery as a way to expand its footprint and reach potential customers who might not have visited restaurants in person, Patten said. Delivery data can reveal where customers are clustered, and where the chain should grow next. “We try to use the data to make strategic real estate decisions,” he said.

Read the full article here.

If you are considering online ordering – and possibly delivery – as a new source of revenue, make sure your POS is a help, not a hindrance.  A cloud-based POS allow you to make changes to all your menus at once, whether they are on premise or online.  That also allows you to capture your customer metrics and maximize Loyalty and easy marketing tools.

Postec carries a proven point-of-sale system that can make this an easy next step: MobileBytes POS for iPad. If you are a pizza place, deli or coffee shop, MobileBytes was designed for you.

For more information on anything Postec carries, email sales@postec.com, call 678-424-4000, Option 3 or fill out this form.


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