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First of all, what is endpoint security?  If you’re not an IT professional, this is likely not a term you use on a daily basis.

Endpoints are all of the devices connected to a network. Computers, POS workstations and other devices on the network are all end points.  Endpoints are the ultimate target of most attacks because they either contain information or have access to information criminals exploit to their advantage.

The endpoints can also serve as yet another open entrance to a business for fraudsters. The bad guys will attempt to get their malware running on one of these connected devices.  From there, malware running on an endpoint looks for other computers to infect throughout the network, scanning for the presence of credit card numbers, login/password information, email addresses and/or financial data and personally identifying information, e.g. social security numbers.  Malware can also capture keystrokes to obtain future inputs, not just current data!  Some malware can hijack computers to use for illegal activity or even encrypt all data files and attempt to extort ransom, which is has been happening in hospitals and healthcare facilities around the country.

Antivirus is a needed layer of security, but additionally, endpoints must be protected by more sophisticated software.  Antivirus alone is inadequate to protect against these targeted attacks because antivirus software only protects against known malware.  More sophisticated software provides next generation protection against malware by preventing any unauthorized program from running.

If you are a restaurant, how can you protect your endpoints?

  • If you have a server-based POS, have a dedicated computer connected to the server. Do not allow any other functions to be run on it.
  • Monitor & track all endpoints on your network.
  • Use an antivirus + something more sophisticated that lockdowns approved applications and blocks all unapproved code.

Security is a full time business – and one to be taken seriously.  Postec offers a full range of Cyber Security services, including endpoint security.  To evaluate your current security measures and see how Postec can help, send us a note here.

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