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MICROS enterprise point-of-sale (POS) systems incorporate state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions that are ideal for larger organizations. Depending on what each business needs, the system is built to integrate with a variety of hardware and software.

However, as with all technology, sometimes issues will arise, and MICROS support will be necessary. The system can be complex, especially to newcomers, and determining the issue can be difficult. However, there are a few easy steps you can take to try and restore the functionality of your system as quickly as possible. 

Update, Update, Update 

Computers are developing and changing on almost a daily basis. People frequently have to update applications on their phones, computers, and tablets; POS systems are no different. Any time the operating system (OS) makes changes to its code, it can change the way the MICROS software interacts within the OS. 

When an issue arises, be sure to check that your software is up to date. As a preventative measure, you should have a schedule for updating your system on a weekly basis. In addition to keeping up with the OS updates, MICROS software updates will have program optimization and bug fixes that address common errors. To avoid mishaps that the update will resolve, it is crucial to keep your software up-to-date. 

Confirm the Source 

MICROS is designed to interoperate with an array hardware and software platforms. Frequently, the issue is found in whichever non-MICROS systems the POS is interacting with. Test your POS independently, or with a different set of interactive hard/software to identify where the issue is coming from. 

Confirming the source of the problem is similar to testing a power outlet with a different appliance. You can quickly determine whether it’s the appliance that’s not working or if the outlet is malfunctioning. If the issue is external from the POS, contact the manufacturer of the malfunctioning product for assistance with troubleshooting. 

Repeat and Record 

As with any technology, user error is common. It is important to be sure that your actions aren’t causing the problem. Restart your system and repeat the steps you took that you believe led to the problem. In some cases, you’ll realize you input something wrong originally. If the issue still occurs, you can rule out user error and confirm it’s the system that’s at fault. 

When an actual error occurs, quickly and properly inform the support team of all relevant information. Record whatever steps you took to get to the issue, and then write down or take a picture of any error messages you receive from the system. If you want like to know what an error message means before contacting support, consult your user guide that you received with the system. 

Postec provides comprehensive enterprise POS and management solutions for businesses of any size. We’ve been in the business for over thirty years, since the cash register days. If you’re looking for a new POS or need technical support and training, contact us today to speak to a specialist. 

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