Grocery POS screen

With microchips, smartphone apps and automated checkouts, the modern grocery store is quickly becoming a test ground for all sorts of new technology.

Many store owners know that they need to invest in technology but, because they feel overwhelmed by the choices, they put off purchasing anything for fear of making a bad buying decision.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, here are a few tips on what to look for in a grocery point-of-sale system that will help grow your confidence with technology decisions:

Versatile reporting
Robust reporting is the backbone of any business. It’s vitally important that the point-of-sale software provides important data in dashboards straight out of the box but it’s also necessary that the owner can create their own reports. After all, data analytics continues to grow in importance and only the business owner understands their operations and customers in a way that no one else does. That in-depth knowledge helps uncover insights that can lead to higher revenue. Experiment with the reporting to ensure its accuracy and then start looking for patterns in the numbers.

Data security
As we’ve mentioned before on this blog, data breaches are becoming almost routine at all sorts of businesses. Owners need to make sure their data is protected so it’s important to ask vendors questions about their software, how it handles customer information and what are its vulnerabilities. In particular, the software vendor should be able to provide evidence of PCI compliance and other industry standard security controls.

Loyalty program
What modern grocery store would go without a loyalty program? We’re sure they’re out there but most store owners enjoy the customer rewards programs that many businesses employ in a bid to increase revenue from their best shoppers.

Many modern POS systems for grocery stores will include some sort of loyalty program. They can often be customized to suit the needs of that particular business by rewarding customers based on a certain number of transactions or on a certain dollar amount per transaction or some combination thereof. Also, some programs don’t even require a card to be issued.

Inventory control
The best POS software programs will also include some way to manage inventory, from purchasing to deliveries. The inventory controls and reporting will dovetail nicely with the sales reporting and one should, of course, inform the other.

On top of all of this, business owners will want to be able to access their reporting and data from any secure device in their network. Most of the time, the POS system makes this as simple as accessing a dedicated web page where the owner can log in and find everything they need.

Do you need help navigating the new technology available to grocery store owners? Contact us today for a demo of what’s possible.

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