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Improving the user experience and traffic numbers on your website can help boost revenue in the last few weeks of the year.

So, let’s just say it off the bat: this holiday season will be like no other holiday season. Hopefully, we’ll never need to repeat it!

That said, what can small business owners do to make the most of it? One thing is to spruce up your ecommerce site in a bid to generate more traffic and revenue.

Here are five ideas for easy wins that will help improve the user experience and traffic numbers on your site over the last few weeks of the year:

1. Infuse holiday cheer on the site

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get in the holiday mood. Strategically place some holiday cheer on your website to acknowledge the time of year and put visitors in the mood. A little green here and a little red there will likely do the trick. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can commission a holiday illustration to go on your homepage. Or, just put up a picture from last year’s holiday party featuring all of your employees dressed up. You can even put up a caption that says something like ‘From our family to your, happy holidays!’

2. Improve the site’s PageSpeed score

When you get done with the holiday pictures, it’s a good idea to work on the mechanics of the site to ensure a good user experience. As part of that, you’ll want to see where you can improve your PageSpeed score. Not familiar with the PageSpeed score? Google uses it as part of its assessment of your site’s value. A faster site provides a better user experience, according to the search giant. Depending upon your level of technical proficiency, you may need a developer to help.

3. Improve the site’s photography

One of the areas that can really elevate your site’s design is the choice of photography. You still have time to set up a quick photo shoot to get some pictures to use on your site in time for the holidays. This might mean some food photography if you own a restaurant or product photography if you have retail store. Or, you might want some store shots if you have a grocery or supermarket. All of this photography will help improve your aesthetic on the website, leading to a better customer experience.

4. Look for SEO improvement opportunities

For a few quick wins in SEO, look for places in your website where you can improve page titles, meta descriptions and alt text for images. These types of edits can improve your rankings in some areas and ensure that your site receives more impressions. If you are a local business and you have not added schema to your site, look up this topic in your favorite search engine and then add it to your site or ask you web developer to add it to your site. It can be helpful for local business owners.

5. Set up an email campaign

If you have not yet reached out to your audience via email, now’s the time. People who have not already made plans for presents or meals will want to hear from you to learn about the latest deals and newest products or menu items. Let them know about your business and how 2020 has treated you. This will add a human touch to your marketing and remind customers that real people are behind the brand of your business. You may even want to include the photograph of all of your employees that was suggested in the first item on this list (Infuse holiday cheer on the site).

With these tips, you’ll hopefully end the year with more activity both online and in the physical business.

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