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Oracle Hospitality, formerly known as MICROS, has proven to be an industry-leading, integrated solution for the food and beverage space. Its power is founded in its ability to integrate all the moving parts of a business, from back office and kitchen management to guest loyalty and experience. If you’re seeking MICROS support, here are a few benefits to having a completely integrated system.

Streamlining Back Office Management

As a business owner, you know that efficient, organized back office management contributes to success just as much as the store front does. By integrating Oracle’s forecasting tool, owners gain more control and insight into their business. You can track the number of sales and other key metrics, and then compare those numbers to projected results. With this increased visibility and scalability, you’re able to stay ahead of your competitors while improving internal operations.

Another key element of back office management is appropriate staffing. This is one of the greatest costs for any food and beverage operation. Oracle supports your labor management needs with an automated scheduling tool. The manual administration of crafting schedules is reduced, and they are optimized to ensure no location is under- or overstaffed.

Making Kitchen Workflows More Efficient

Kitchen efficiency can make or break a guest’s experience. If food takes too long or is served at the incorrect temperature, your Yelp reviews and your business will suffer.

With Oracle integration, your kitchen display systems (KDS) fast tracks communication between servers and chefs, improving efficiency and speed of service. With the display being in the center of each chef’s workflow, they immediately see orders to prepare in real time.

Using a color-coded system, KDS visually notifies chefs which orders are past due and those that have time left. Also, rather than food sitting idle for delivery, Oracle Hospitality strategically delivers tickets at the right times, ensuring timely food delivery.

Improving the User Experience at the POS

The food and beverage industry is evolving to rely heavily on social media and experience sharing. Your guests are seeking a memorable, personalized experience when they visit your establishment. Are you delivering?

Not only can you add guests to your loyalty program through Oracle, you can also navigate through their accounts, manage your gift card program, and apply offers and rewards. With its innovative programs, Oracle empowers you to reward your customers at just the right time. But they don’t just stop at your guests’ experiences. It takes care of you, too.

Having multiple locations or a multi-concept restaurant group doesn’t mean your CRM should be scattered, too. From one platform and one screen, you’re instantly and seamlessly connected to all your customers’ loyalty accounts. Plus, it dedupes customer data between your site and app, making your CRM management more organized than ever.

It’s Time to Invest in a POS Partner

If you’re ready to integrate your business with one solution, Oracle will get you there. Postec has been a proven, reliable partner in providing effective POS technology solutions for thirty years. We embrace new technologies so you can get closer to your customers. Contact us today for MICROS support or if you’re ready to get started with Oracle Hospitality.

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