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It’s not likely you’ll see a restaurant kiosk in a three-star Michelin-rated restaurant.

However, if you’re an owner of a QSR (quick service restaurants) or fast casual establishment, your competition is more and more likely to have one.

In fact, according to statistics in the April 2018 Restaurant Readiness Index (released by, over 40 percent of restaurant participants surveyed claimed they had implemented in-store kiosks.

This represents a four percent increase over third quarter, 2017 data.

Has a brave new world in casual dining finally arrived? Should you finally consider adding a self-service kiosk for your restaurant?

Let’s answer the second question.

Say your stellar reputation has been built on not only the food you serve, but your bedrock foundation with the community. And say your existing customer base would be genuinely shocked at the notion of ordering a meal through a device that looks like science fiction, then stick with what’s working for you.

In other words, traditional, family-run casual dining establishments might not want to fix it if it ain’t broke.

However, if your bottom line is the bottom line, and you’re not genuinely interested in knowing “how the kids are doing,” perhaps you should indeed consider entering the brave new world of fast, casual dining.

3 reasons self-serve kiosks are gaining momentum: convenience, convenience, convenience

If the primary need of your customer base is getting served as quickly as possible, self-serve kiosks are a viable option.

They allow customers a convenient and efficient way to order.

In addition, they may also increase your bottom line. In fact, according to this kiosk industry report, check averages from a kiosk order are up to 20 percent higher than traditional checkout system orders.

But will customers sour on the literally soulless experience of self-ordering on a computer? Not in the QSR industry. That’s because customers expect fast, error-free ordering.

The more convenient a casual dining eatery makes it for customers, the further ahead of the competition they’ll likely be.

This is a big reason why Uber is considered an industry disruptor. Sure, you may feel bad for a taxi driver, who perhaps has spent thousands of dollars out of pocket to lease a cab and get licensed. However, what’s easier … ordering an Uber or hailing a cab … especially if you don’t live in a big city?

What’s Next … Burger Flippin’ Robots?

Yes, self-serve restaurant kiosks may indeed be an industry disruptor.

And for the same reason-convenience-why when you’re shopping late at night for something at home and you want it tomorrow, you order online from Amazon instead of driving 15 miles to an independent retailer.

The QSR industry is a natural fit for self-serve kiosks. Customers are already expecting a fast, streamlined ordering experience.

However, if your humanistic self is skeptical of implementing kiosks for fear of eliminating jobs, take solace in the fact that as of yet, robots aren’t flipping burgers. (Unless you’re in Japan.) You will still need humans to manage and clean your establishment.

Installing a restaurant kiosk may in fact lead to the need of hiring more workers as your efficiency increases. More orders necessitates more cooks and other staff….

Leverage Loyalty

If your establishment has a loyalty program, you can encourage customers to sign up for it at the kiosk. Once a customer is entered, they can simply enter their phone number or other metric to accumulate points. And once enough points are entered, the customer can choose to use the points towards a purchase. This will enhance the customer experience.

Interested in having a self-serve kiosk at your establishment? Contact us today to get your questions answered or for a demonstration.

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