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The Scoop: MobileBytes POS Online Ordering

Your online menu is a reflection of your restaurant, yet the design has to be optimized for mobile and simple enough for easy customer navigation. On top of this, it needs to be a cinch for you to set up with minimal maintenance. After all, your time should be spent on your restaurant, not on your website. MobileBytes iPad POS designers set out to make it all happen with the design of their POS online ordering.

Up in Running in Minutes, not Days

With MobileBytes iPad POS, setting up a new online ordering site is quick and easy. The MobileBytes admin site has a page where restaurant managers simply set properties to configure their web presence. Setup properties include two color options, a logo and banner image, specific online hours of operation, accepted payment types, accepted order types (delivery or carry-out), a delivery area (if applicable), and a designated iPad for processing the online orders. Managers also choose a URL prefix for their new site. For example, a restaurant called “Burger Bytes” could setup a URL prefix of “burgerbytes,” meaning their full URL would be “” Once these properties are set, the new online ordering site is active and live. The restaurant can now link this new online ordering website to their own existing site.

Built with You and Your Customer In Mind

While most online ordering platforms require a separate menu setup, MobileBytes iPad POS uses the same data for both the iPad POS and online ordering site. Changing a menu item? No big deal – only change it once in the POS. Recently at a family gathering, we decided that take out would be easier. Half of us wanted wings & burgers, half of us wanted TexMex. After about 45 minutes of 20+ people picking their entrees, we called the orders in, only to discover that BOTH menus were outdated. We were back to the drawing board at 7 pm. Outdated menus do not make for happy customers, whether they are ordering take out or looking at the menu before dining in.

MobileBytes common data store guarantees the online ordering site is always in sync with the POS system. When a restaurant makes any change to the menu setup, that change to the online ordering system is automatic and real time.

  • Save TONS of time by not having to duplicate an entire menu
  • Mistakes are less likely to be made because the items are actually on the menu you’re currently using
  • Make changes ONLY ONCE
mobilebytes iPad POS

Real Time Connection to the Restaurant

For hungry guests, the ordering process is incredibly simple. The landing page is the restaurant menu where ordering can begin immediately. Items can be customized with ingredients and given modifiers. For a multi-person order, items can be grouped by guest name. At checkout, the guest selects a delivery or pickup time. A bonus option is the ability to log in via Facebook to save address information as well as credit card tokens for future orders.

When an online order is placed, a new ticket gets pushed to the restaurant in real time. The online order ticket looks and acts exactly like any other ticket entered into a local iPad terminal, except that each iPad also gets a message alerting users that a new online ordering ticket has arrived. All kitchen slips print and kitchen display screens (KDS) are updated automatically.

Restaurant staff can alter the prep time for online orders in real time with a simple slider control on any MobileBytes iPad POS or KDS terminal in the restaurant. This allows you to easily adjust for slow and busy periods while keeping online order customers aware of the current prep times.

mobilebytes iPad POS
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