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Despite its recent troubles, Facebook is still capable of generating strong sales for small businesses.

Facebook has been in the news quite a bit lately and not always for good reasons. More and more users are concerned about privacy and the U.S. Congress has even floated the idea of regulating social networks.

Nevertheless, Facebook itself continues to be a powerful marketing tool for small businesses. More than 70 million new Facebook users signed up in the first quarter of 2018 and advertising prices grew by 39 percent over the same period.

Those stats are strong evidence that despite the social network’s troubles, it is still able to generate sales for businesses.

That said, many small business owners complain that they have trouble marketing on Facebook. If you count yourself among them, here are some ideas for how to leverage Facebook for local marketing:

Promote Onsite Checkins
Use your existing foot traffic to promote your brand on Facebook by encouraging them to ‘check in’ their location (your store or restaurant) on the social network. This puts your brand in front of this users’ friends and family.

Need to give users a little encouragement to check in? Offer a 10% discount to anyone who checks in online and see if that does the trick.

Create Events
If you have any type of ‘happening’ at you store or restaurant, it’s a great idea to create a event on Facebook to promote the ‘happening.’

Why go to the trouble? It will show up in your followers’ newsfeed and if they decide to attend, the fact that the RSVP’d ends up in the newsfeed of their friends and family. If you decide to promote the event on Facebook, you can target the surrounding area and let people sign up directly on your page.

Run An In-Store Promotion
Lots of small business owner complaints about Facebook are the result of not using it to encourage foot traffic. If you want to see return on investment, it’s best to push promotions that send visitors to your store.

For instance, it make sense to promote an in-store giveaway for Facebook users who come between 12 and 1 and ‘check in’ their location (see above). If you do run the contest on or through Facebook, it’s important that you follow the social network’s rules for promotions (i.e. never say that the contest is sponsored or endorsed by Facebook.)

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