Plate with Valentine's Day decorations
Want people to celebrate their love at your dining establishment? Here’s how to make your restaurant a destination for Valentine’s Day….

Want to fill your tables all night long on Valentine’s Day? And why wouldn’t you … after all, with the exception of Christmas, consumers spend more money on Valentine’s Day than on any other holiday.

In light of this, here are some ways to promote your restaurant for the holiday….

Give them an offer they can’t refuse

Use popular discount sites such as and to promote your restaurant. You’ll likely have steep competition so make the offer a sweet deal such as 50% the cost of appetizers and main courses. Are you concerned that being in the restaurant industry—

notorious for slim profit margins in the first place—you won’t be able to take such a big hit on revenue? Well, if you train your employees to upsell customers alcohol and dessert, you’ll likely at least break even. And when your Valentine’s Day customers enjoy their meal, they’ll want to come back to your dining establishment some other time soon.

Advertise on dating websites

People who are looking for a date right now might end up going on a second or a third date by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around. Get the word out now on Tinder, Match, eHarmony, and other dating sites. Free versions of dating apps feature advertisements. Make your restaurant known to all those in your area online and looking for a mate.

Do a Trade With a Local Newspaper or Magazine

Running lots of ads can really eat into your bottom line. To advertise without spending capital, see if any local publications are willing to do a trade. Some newspapers love doing trades with restaurants because they can gift their credit to other advertisers. This is a win-win situation because the publication’s advertisers might be visiting your restaurant for the first time and turn into repeat customers.

Start Spreading The News … On Social Media

Have a Generation Z employee (or family member) post Valentine’s Day-themed images of your restaurant on Instagram and Facebook. How about being the poster child for Valentine’s Day yourself? Ask your spouse to pose for a picture at your restaurant with you. Have each of you sipping a glass of wine cross-armed, gazing into each other’s eyes. Make sure you include the promotion specials such as 2 for 1 glasses of house wine.

Email Your Existing Customer Base

Don’t forget to get the word out to your existing customers. After all, they are your best revenue-generator. Use your point of sale system (POS) to create an email marketing campaign. Offer your customers an even better deal than the general public. For example, if your Groupon deal is 2 for 1 entrees, offer the same plus a free dessert or house glass of wine.

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