One idea: Increase your store’s Instagram following by hiring an artist to paint a mural or decorate a wall with photo-popping color.

In this previous post, we listed a few ways you can improve your Instagram profile beyond posting great photos.

But let’s circle back and discuss what it takes to create stunning photos and boost your following. After all, posting alluring photos is the backbone of Insta success. And furthermore, Instagram is now the best platform for reaching consumers, especially Generation Z and millennials.

So how do you create captivating photos?

Create a Memorable Backdrop

For starters, give your brick and mortar store a makeover with some eye-popping color. Paint at least one wall with, if not outrageous hues, then at least with warm, inviting tones. Better yet, pay a young, aspiring artist to create a mural that relates to your store.

For example, say you have a coffee shop. Where does your coffee come from? What’s the farm-to-table tale? How do the beans end up as a morning cappuccino? Have a mural artist illustrate a “paint-by-numbers” story. Step 1 can be a painting of a cooperative coffee farm in Guatemala where the coffee beans are sourced. The second picture can depict how the coffee beans are harvested and processed; subsequent illustrations reveal the roasting, grinding and  brewing processes, ending with a steaming cup of coffee.

A memorable backdrop in your coffee shop will encourage customers to take selfies and group photos in front of the mural. Make sure the mural artist draws your store’s Instagram handle, and encourage customers to post on your feed. Offer discounts for taking photos.

You can also create an “Instagram-only” space in your store, in front of the mural or wall painting. Have the artist paint an arrow with a caption that says something like, “Photo Zone.” 

Along with the “Photo Zone,” include a clever slogan on the illustrated wall. Instead of just putting your coffee shop’s name, have the artist stencil a memorable phrase such as “The best buzz in town” (from the caffeine).

With more and more customers posting pics of themselves at your store, you’ll gain more followers over time.

Get Customers To Pose With Different Products

Suppose you’re the proprietor of a clothing boutique. You can certainly use the advice above and have an artist render one of your walls into an instant Instagram-worthy backdrop. But you can also use the backdrop in another creative way.

You can ask potential customers once they come out of the dressing room to model the ensemble in front of the mural or brightly-colored wall (a brightly colored wall “pops” in Instagram lingo). Not only can this potentially increase Instagram followers, it can increase sales; the potential customer will already feel as if they own the article of clothing.

Restaurants and bars can use this approach as well. You can offer customers 10% off their entire bill for taking an “action photo”, be it biting into an eggs Benedict or sipping on a glass of wine. Try to take photos of customers with a composition of contrasts or singularity in color.

For example, if one of your walls has a red velvet cake background, perhaps a photo with red lipstick and house glasses of red wine (you can mention your happy hour special in the post) will really pop. So, too, might a contrast of red and black (red wall/black lipstick and nailpolish with a glass of dark stout beer).

Increasing Instagram Followers For Your Business: Conclusion

While it may not seem important for increasing your bottom line, getting more followers on Instagram can achieve exactly that. Existing customers who start following your Instagram feed will feel more connected to your brand or store. And thus, they’ll likely keep patronizing your business. As for potential customers who come across your feed from one of their friends who are already following you, some of them will be compelled to pop into your store and see what all the hype is about … all because of a fresh coat of paint.

Another important tool for your business’ bottom line is having a best in class Point of Sale (POS) system. Contact us today for a demonstration.

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