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Now that you know how to market to Generation Z, the youngest albeit highly-influential group of consumers, do you know how to hire and manage young adults?

Considering that virtually everyone who was born after 1997 was raised with WiFi, if you want to hire anyone in Generation Z, placing a job ad in the local newspaper won’t work.

Neither will placing ads on websites that you yourself might use. Facebook and Craigslist come to mind as two sites that aren’t particularly popular with the Gen. Z demographic.

And if you’re thinking, “Well, why would I want to hire young, inexperienced, unmotivated kids in the first place?” think again.

For starters, younger millennials (aka Generation Y; born up to 1995), along with Generation Z, make up almost half of the population, according to this Nielsen report. Therefore, you might not have a choice if you’re hiring for entry-level jobs.

An Unlimited Pool of Ambitious, Passionate Young Workers

But beyond obvious demographic factors, Generation Z’s reputation shatters the stereotype of slacker Generation X kids. On the contrary, Gen. Z workers are quickly developing a reputation for being highly entrepreneurial and passionate, especially about social causes.

Making the world a better place might sound a bit cliche, however, that sense of idealism is evident in Generation Z’s impressive track record of volunteerism. According to this recruiting website, members of Gen. Z include volunteer work on their resumes 38 percent more often than Millennials, 140 percent more than often than Gen Xers, and 420 percent more often than Baby Boomers.

What does that mean for you as an employer? It can mean loyal, motivated workers-but with a caveat. You’re far more likely to attract dedicated young workers if your business has a track record
of supporting philanthropic, social welfare and environmental causes.

How to Prevent Young Workers From Job Hopping

If your business doesn’t have a cause that Gen. Z youth can proudly get behind, expect a decent amount of job-hopping from your youngest employees. According to, the phenomenon of job hopping is the result of current low unemployment rates. (Restaurant servers have the highest job hopping rates of any industry.)

Young workers will want the opportunity to pad their resume. If your business doesn’t offer young workers the chance to advance, don’t expect them to stick around for very long.

For Gen. Z Workers, It’s Not All About the Money

In fact, your ads should stipulate what makes your company unique. Let’s say you are the owner or general manager of a cafe and you’re hiring a barista. Do you want to hire someone who has skills beyond being able to make a decent cup of espresso? If so, make sure your job posting mentions what is special about your cafe and why it’s an important part of the community. Mention in the ad how the new hire will benefit the community and business as well as the professional skills he or she will develop.

Even if the job you want to fill is seemingly menial in nature, if you want to attract highly-competent young workers, describe in the job ad how this position will move mountains and, pardon the cliche, make the world a better place. But don’t fake it; Gen. Z can sniff out corporate B.S. like a truffle hog finding fungi.

Perks For Work

Furthermore, if you can offer any professional-building perks for young workers, they’ll be more likely to stick around. For example, if you have the funds, you can pay for or help pay for business management online courses.

And here’s a great way to attract a Gen. Z worker: if your store’s social media presence is lackluster, what better way to inject vitality, creativity and excitement into your business than hiring someone who has spent all their formative years on social media?

If you show this demographic that you trust them and won’t hinder their creativity, you may very well be rewarded with a talented pool of dedicated young workers.

Another positive about hiring Gen. Z workers is they’ll most likely be able to figure out how to run your point of sale (POS) system in a matter of minutes.

Speaking of POS, if you want to know how a point of sale system can help with your marketing, contact us today to learn more.

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