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Valuing and recognizing employee performance, as well as instilling a high-quality work culture are paramount for getting the most out of your employees.

Long gone are the days when it was enough to reward your top worker with an employee of the month parking space.

To maximize employee performance, that’s just not going to cut it anymore.

But employees by and large still prefer to be lauded and praised for their efforts.

In fact, according to a survey of over 200,000 employees, the top workplace factors that lead to employee happiness are (in order from most prevalent response):

● Feeling valued at work
● Quality of workplace culture
● Recognition for going the extra mile
● Workplace camaraderie
● Professional growth opportunity

Want Your Employees To Go The Extra Mile Without Costing You A Fortune?

Without doubt, your employees would all love getting pay raises. But if you’re a small business owner of, say, a neighborhood restaurant, and your profit margins are already slim (average restaurant margins are only 3-5 percent), how can you get more out of your employees without dipping into the red?

You may be surprised to learn that money is not the number one reason employees go the extra mile, according to the survey (by employee surveying service, TinyPulse).

It’s workplace camaraderie that is the main reason employees go the extra mile.

Thus, ask yourself what your business can do to instill awesome workplace camaraderie. If your business is closed on a certain day of the week, use it as an opportunity to have occasional employee get-togethers such as barbecues, scavenger hunts, ski trips, beach days, etc….

And if you’re open 7 days a week, have an employee work party after hours or close shop once or twice a year for employee recognition day.


Who better to know how your business could operate more efficiently and improve the employee experience than your workers?

Therefore, ask yourself, “What Would (my) Employees Do?”

A couple times a year, you can schedule 3-5 minute blocks of time with individual employees and simply ask them how they would improve customer experience and workplace culture.

To foster a more fun work environment, post images of your employees on social media. But don’t do it yourself. Instead, offer some bonus work for someone on your staff who is proficient in social media to manage your Facebook and Instagram profiles. (Assign the task to a Generation Z worker.) Have them post engaging photos that are indicative of a fun employee workplace. Not only will your employees appreciate it, so, too, will your customers.

However, engaging photos that hint at strong workplace culture need to be authentic. And the reality, according to the TinyPulse survey, is that most employees are not satisfied with workplace culture. In fact, only 36% of the 200,000 surveyed employees rated their organization’s workplace culture as strong.

Instilling stronger workplace culture can be as simple as placing employee photos and bios prominently in your restaurant or store. Your customers will have a stronger connection to the employee who is making their morning cappuccino or latte. And that, in turn, will make the employee happier.

Employee of the Month 2.0

If you, the business owner or general manager are in close contact with employees, it’s easy to implement worker recognition strategies. Or, if you don’t directly oversee employees, it’s simple enough to dictate to the manager the necessity of making employees feel valued.

Furthermore, there’s nothing wrong with employee of the month parking spots. But is that really all you can be doing to get the most out of your employees? Can you take it a step further? How about rewarding them with a gift card, or cash bonus, or movie tickets?….

After all, if your employees work 40 hours a week, they’re likely spending more waking hours at your place of business than their home. Even part time workers crave a sublime work culture. Being fairly compensated and content with work are two major life-satisfaction elements.

Yes, at the end of the day, your bottom line is the bottom line. However, a happy workplace, one in which recognizes employee contributions and is open to facilitating improvements through employee feedback, will likely pad your pockets.

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