Convincing the boss

Convincing the boss to spend money ain’t easy but here are some things that might help change their mind.

If you’re an employee, it can be difficult to speak to a boss or manager about investing in a new piece of equipment such as a point-of-sale system.

Here are some things you can say to your boss about why they should upgrade to a new system if the one that’s in the restaurant or retail store now is lacking in all the latest features and programs.

The new system can help with labor management
Speaking as an employee, the first thing your boss might be thinking about is labor management. While it’s on their mind, you can mention that the latest point-of-sale systems include labor management features that can help with scheduling and even punch-in-punch-out functionality. Some systems can even email employees their work schedules. And, no need to worry about employees covering for one another when they need to clock in. The latest systems include a photo verification with the time clock feature.

The new system can help with marketing to customers
Now that you’ve convinced the boss about the benefits of improved labor management, let them know that they can also increase revenues thanks to a new point-of-sale system. How? The new point-of-sale system makes it easy to capture email addresses. With those new email addresses in your customer database, you can send promotions for future purchases and you can keep customers informed about new products or menu items. In addition, you can ask the customer to start following you on social media channels where you can send out even more marketing.

The new system can help with inventory
Do you spy your boss or manager walking around with a clipboard writing notes on inventory? Do you see them hunched over a laptop typing into an Excel spreadsheet? Those may as well be caveman tools in this day and age of inventory management. Tell your boss that the newest point-of-sale systems can do a much better job with inventory tracking and reporting. It’s even possible to have a system track how much of each ingredient is used in a certain recipe. Let’s see your clipboard do that!

The new system can help speed up the line
If there’s one thing that can make a manager’s blood pressure rise, it’s seeing a line of customers not moving. If that clunky old point-of-sale is creating a bottleneck, you owe it to your manager’s health to let them know that new POS systems include features such as ‘two-tap’ functionality for single-item orders that help speed up the line. In essence, the point-of-sale will have the most popular items appearing in a part of the screen that allows for quick ordering. The cashier simply taps the button for the quick order item and then taps checkout. Boom, you’re done. Order entered and your customer is ready to pay. Your manager and their cardiologist will thank you for this suggestion.

The new system can help customers pay how they want to pay
Speaking of ready to pay, the nature of payments is evolving at a rapid pace. The newer point-of-sale systems are anticipating this evolution and allowing customers to pay using a wide variety of methods, including near field communication (NFC). This form of contactless communication makes it possible for customers to use Apple Pay or Android Pay. In this case, more choices means more convenience, which customers always want.

The new system likely cost less than you think
Last but certainly not least, let you boss know that a new system is an investment but it’s almost certainly not as expensive as they might assume. In fact, it may even be possible to purchase some features but not others. That can make it very economical while allowing you and your boss to enjoy all of the above features.

Is your boss ready for a demonstration of a new point-of-sale system? Contact us today to get one scheduled.

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