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One of the best ways to ensure a positive ROI on your social media efforts is to ask for the sale.

Having a large following on social media doesn’t always translate to dollars and cents. At some point, you need to stop concentrating on building your audience and start concentrating on selling to your audience. It’s one way to start focusing on the return on investment from your social media efforts. 

But how do you sell to that audience? Here are five ideas to get you started on converting social media followers into customers:

1. Offer benefits, not features

It’s an old advertising cliche — tell customers about the benefits before the features. Why benefits before features? Customers think about buying in terms of benefits. In other words, they care less about the engine specs of a hybrid car and more about the fact that it will help them save money on gas. 

If you’re a clothing store, this may translate to saying less about the actual clothes (even though this will be important at some point) and more about how your store can help the customer look good when they go out on that blind date next weekend. 

2. Incorporate a strong Call To Action

This is really when you ask for the sale. If you’re writing the copy for your social media posts, it’s always a good idea to leave the prospect with and idea of what to do next. It could be something like ‘Call Now’ or ‘Learn More’ or ‘Book Your Room Today.’ The idea is to give the prospect clear directions on what they should do to continue interacting with your business. 

3. Give exclusive deals to social followers

The idea here is to reward these followers for their loyalty. If they have been loyal, they might feel like they deserve a nice deal from your business. You can use a special link to count clicks the come from social media properties and only show the deal on your website if they came from that link. Or, you can offer a special promo code for social media followers. Of course, the code could be passed around outside social media but that might turn into a good thing because the non-social media users might be inclined to start following you so that they don’t miss the next deal. 

4. Invite them to a VIP experience in your store or restaurant

Similar to #3 but this would need more planning for the experience. Perhaps you can invite your followers to enjoy an evening of music played by a local group at your business. Or, you can offer them special Mother’s Day or Father’s Day meals available only to social followers. The experience can be anything. The point is to make the followers feel special and exclusive. 

5. Stay active

Followers often ask questions, post comments or send messages. Reply to these items within 24 hours so people know that you’re social media efforts are backed by a human. In addition, the comments and questions often lead to sales opportunities. For instance, if someone asks if your restaurant is open tonight, you can respond by not only saying yes but offering a reservation (if you take reservations). 

In other words, ask for the sale. It’s one of the best ways to ensure a positive ROI on your social media efforts. 

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