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6 Benefits of Modern Grocery POS Systems

The pandemic certainly pushed lots of industries to embrace technology. One of those industries -- the grocery industry -- was already on a path to becoming more technological but the pandemic sped up that process by several years. As more and more people have come to...

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Finding the Best Grocery POS System

Grocery stores have been tested over the last year. Demand from consumers has been high and regulations have been anything but ordinary. That said, many grocery stores have dealt with the challenges gracefully. Part of what’s helped in the last year has been...

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Valentine’s Day Promotion Ideas for 2021

Let's just admit that everyone's expectations are a slightly lower this Valentine's Day. Yes, the pandemic has put something of a damper on the holiday but that doesn't mean it's cancelled. No! In fact several restaurants and food service chains have rolled out some...

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9 (Almost) Free Marketing Resources For Small Businesses

Let's face it: marketing and advertising is expensive. It's easy to blow a bunch of cash on marketing for your small business. In fact, there's probably no end to the amount you could spend. That said, there are some less expensive options for marketing on a shoe...

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How You Know It’s Time For A New POS

Your point of sale has been with you for some number of years. How do you know when it's time to set it out to pasture and upgrade to a more modern system? Here are some factors that we typically see when business owners decide they're ready toss out the old and go...

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