USDA Grind Law

Postec’s Grocery POS division is working with Invatron on the roll out of their technology Fresh-Trax for Grind Law compliance.  To find out what you need to do, contact Dan Henkel at

On June 20, 2016, the USDA is requiring all grocery retailers to maintain an active log of all ground beef production, now referred to as the “Grind Law.”  The USDA is implementing these regulations to improve their ability to trace source material used in ground beef production in the event of an outbreak.

  • Grind Logs must contain
    • Date and Time of Production
    • Manufacturer of Source Material
    • Establishment and Supplier Lot #
  • Grind Logs must be accessible at store level and maintained for one year

Postec recommends maintaining a digital Grind Log.  Here’s why:

  • During the development of the regulations, the USDA audited stores currently maintaining a paper Grind Log and found 78% to be incomplete due to inaccuracy, illegibility and physical damage.
    • Protect yourself, go digital!

USDA Regulation

USDA Press Release & Grind Law Explainer

USDA Grants NGA Request for Delayed Enforcement of Grind Log Law

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