Gift box

What’s in the box? Please don’t be a pair of socks! Discover cool gift ideas for small business owners.

Do you have friends or colleagues that like yourself own a small business? Stumped by what you should get them? Well, think about what you’d like to receive as a gift. Chances are that you, personally, could do without yet another sweater, pair of socks, a tie, cufflinks, chain-store gift card. So buy for others as you’d want others to buy for you.

What gift then would be appropriate for a small business owner? The answer: anything that can boost revenue even in the slightest bit. Let’s take a look at some examples….

Social Media Management Platform

Some small businesses struggle to leverage social media. There’s simply no time to manage a Facebook business page let alone other profiles such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. If you know a small business owner who has expressed interest in social media but doesn’t know how to get started, you can sign them up for a free trial for Hootsuite or other social media management software service.

Another way to help a business colleague grow on social media without costing a dime is to hire a social media manager intern. You can post an ad on for your small business colleague. Your colleague needs help managing social media but might be too busy with other day-to-day business management tasks to take action. Wouldn’t you love it if someone did that for you?

Point of Sale System

Admittedly, this gift is if it’s for a very, very close friend. And let’s say your close friend has a cool store but has a woefully outdated cash register. What impressive gift can replace that big, bulky dinosaur of a machine? You can buy your friend a tablet point of sale (POS) system. A tablet POS makes it super easy to take orders, reduces the time customers spend waiting in line, tracks inventory and offers instant sales reports, among other benefits. If your friend’s antiquated sales software or hardware is hurting revenue, upgrading to a new POS can make a business operate more efficiently.

Healthy Snacks

Does the small business owner in your life struggle with eating healthy? Then consider getting him or her a subscription to a healthy food delivery service. is an example of a healthy snack subscription service. You can also gift your friend a subscription to a healthy meal delivery service such as Gobble or HelloFresh.


Suppose your friend has an awesome store but a not so creative, aesthetically-pleasing or welcoming signage. Treat your friend to a new banner, A-frame or go all out and buy a custom neon sign. Just make sure that the signage is acceptable for local city code.

Chamber of Commerce Membership

If your friend has recently opened up a new business, treat your friend to a year’s membership in the local chamber of commerce. Or, if your friend is already a member of the local chamber, perhaps there’s another small business networking group. Hopefully, your friend won’t get mad at signing you up because now he or she will have to attend networking events. But it will be for their business’ own good.

Want to see a Point of Sale (POS) system demonstration in case you’re interested in buying one for your friend. Contact us today.

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