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Postec recently expanded its POS portfolio to include cloud-based solutions utilizing tablets.

In the past, people said, I have an app for everything.  Why can’t I run my restaurant from an app?  And the answer now is – you can.  There’s an app for that!  That’s one of the many benefits of using cloud-based technology.  Adding in tablets has also proven to be easy and beneficial, whether they are set up like traditional terminals or on the floor with the serving staff.

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions regarding cloud-based, tablet/mobile-based restaurant POS technology.

FAQ – Tablets

Q: Are these made for commercial use?

A: Think of everything you’ve put your personal Android tablet or iPad® through. With a tablet landed in a stable base like a traditional terminal, it will only see screen use.  With handheld tablets, protective cases help them to stay in great shape.  Not only that, but the cost of repairing a tablet screen is significantly lower than repairing a legacy POS system screen.

Q: Is it more complicated to order on the tablet?

A: It’s like using a really easy-to-use app.  And odds are, the people doing the ordering are very well-versed in apps.  If they’re not, it’s like using a POS that was actually made to be intuitive.


FAQ – Cloud-based Technology

Q: Why the cloud?

A: Just like you’ve probably discovered in your personal life, using the cloud has allowed us to free up lots of physical space we’d normally use to store items like pictures, music and books.  As a restaurant using the cloud, it means several important things.

(1) You can access your restaurant’s data in real time, at anytime, from anywhere you get mobile service.

(2) You don’t have to invest in an expensive server and find the space to store it.

(3) The overall cost is significantly lower.

(4) Virtually eliminates on-site IT problems.

(5) Makes PCI compliance easier since no data is stored on-site.

Q: Are these products secure?

A: In short, yes.  In addition to selling POS software & hardware, Postec specializes in security services.  Postec will give you full information about why we support these products and believe them to be secure.


Here are a few informative blog posts on the topic.  Please email any questions or comments to

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