Sparklers on the Fourth of July

In about two weeks, we’ll get ready to celebrate America’s independence. The holiday serves as reminder of all the things that make this country great but, let’s face it, it’s also a day to rewind and relax from the usual work week.

That said, plenty of people will take advantage of the time off to go out to eat and shop. To capture some of those customers, it helps to employ a few Fourth of July marketing tactics. Here are some ideas you can use at your business:

Honor Veterans

It’s no secret that promotions aimed at veterans are not only a good way to attract the attention of former and active-duty military personnel but it also positions your business as one that promotes community values.

The promotion could take the form of a simple discount or you can offer something more substantial such as a buy-one-get-one-free deal that permits the veteran to bring a significant other or even their family to enjoy a meal or special shopping experience.

Host an Event

Independence Day conjures images of swimming pools, grills and fireworks. It may be difficult to coax people away from their other plans so that they will visit your business. You may want to plan an event before the holiday rather than on the holiday itself. Nevertheless, the event you plan should have some sort of a patriotic theme. Perhaps you decorate your shop or restaurant in red, white and blue and bring in a band to play music at your location.

Another event idea is to host fireworks at your business (if this is legal). If so, it’s a great way to lure families with young children who are looking for something to do on a hot summer night.

Provide Something Useful and Post It On Social Media

It can be hard to cut through the clutter of Fourth of July promotions so here’s a way to promote your brand by having other people share your content. You could follow the lead of Urban Daddy, a lifestyle media company in New York City, that posted an interactive guide to watching fireworks in the Big Apple. You don’t necessarily need your version to be interactive. A simple map would likely suffice and many social media users in the area would probably find something similar to be very useful and shareable.

And, of course, when they share the map, it will include your business information and thereby serve as a bit of free advertising.

Want to find out how a point-of-sale system can help you with your marketing on the Fourth of July and year-round? Contact us for a demo today.

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