Father's Day necktie gift

The old necktie. Don’t let fathers suffer through another year of boring gifts.

The jokes about Father’s Day say a lot about the difficulty of shopping for dear ole Dad. You’re not sure what to buy him so you end up purchasing yet another tie.

What if you, as a business owner, could make it easier for loved ones to find something new and unique for the fathers in their lives?

If you have something in your store or restaurant that you think would make a dad happy on Father’s Day, then you should use some marketing muscle to get the word out.

Here are four Father’s Day marketing ideas you can use to make sure everyone knows about your unique offerings for the holiday:

Send a Father’s Day themed email
Hopefully, your point-of-sale system came with an integrated email marketing program that allowed you to collect emails all year long. Well, now’s your time to use it if you haven’t already.

Pull out a customer list that you think best represents people who would be interested in Father’s Day promotions. That’s probably just about everyone on your list. Next, create an email that promotes your best Father’s Day gift ideas or promotions. Try to come up with some unique ideas for gifts so that you can help people avoid the same boring Father’s Day presents. Bacon cupcakes, anyone?

Host a Father’s Day Event
If you really want more foot traffic, the best way may be to host an event of some sort. Many businesses will schedule a musical group that dad would enjoy listening to while sipping on a few beers. Or, perhaps you go with something more kid and family-friendly like allowing Dad to do an art project with the kids in a quiet part of your store or restaurant.

BOGO Specials: Treat Dad and Get A Second Meal 50% Off
These types of promotions can entice the price-sensitive gift giver to seek out your business because they can get a deal on Dad’s gift and on themselves. Maybe you offer a free meal to dad and 50% off the second meal. Or, you can offer a free meal to dad and then 50% off the next visit. This way, you entice the family to come back to your establishment for a second (and hopefully a third and fourth) visit.

Offer Complimentary Dad-Themed Gift Wrapping
This is the type of little detail that will be helpful to gift givers. Lots of people love to shop for Dad but they don’t remember to buy gift wrap for the present. The gift wrap, especially if it’s somehow Father-themed, will add value to the gift by making it even more special.

Want to find out how the right point-of-sale system can help you with Father’s Day and promotions all year long? Contact us today for a free demonstration.

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