Although it’s still officially summer, if you’re a prudent small business owner, you’re already thinking about the late fall/winter holiday season.

And there’s no better time to upgrade or change your point of sale (POS) system than right now.

Hopefully, you were able to leverage more sales with your Labor Day and back to school promotions. With no other major holidays between now and Thanksgiving/Black Friday, you’ll want to use this time to analyze how effective your business is running.

When your business has a rush of customers, does your POS make life easier for you and your employees? Or does your current POS contribute to in-store anarchy?

If your POS isn’t making life easier for you now, imagine how much more hectic your place of business will be when the holidays roll around.

Is your current POS acting finicky too often? Are you spending too much free time (of which you don’t have much in the first place) having to reboot your software? Is your hardware not synching up well with the software? Is having to update your POS and calling in technicians to troubleshoot making your hair fall out (or thin or go gray?)

Just imagine your stress level come prime holiday season when during the busiest rush of the day your whole POS system crashes.

There’s plenty of time to change your POS before the hectic holiday season commences. However, for many small business owners, there’s little time to work on the business when you have work in the business.

If your POS isn’t making it super easy to track inventory; change items and prices; manage employee hours and payroll; analyze sales data; and manage a customer loyalty program, among other critical functions, what you should do right now is contact us today for a demonstration.

You probably have a hundred other things to tackle on your to-do list. But out of all the things on your list, how many of them play such an integral part of your business? Sure, you might need to find a new distributor, stat. Or, perhaps, you need to hire new help and improve your website and social media profiles.

But if there’s one thing that can dramatically make your life easier and streamline your business, it’s having a best-in-class POS. If you keep putting off changing your POS, however, before you know it, the mad rush of the holidays will be here. And if you wait until then, you and your employees will have even less time to get acquainted with a new system.

Interested in changing your POS? Contact us today for a demonstration.

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