Streamline Your Business with a Mobile POS Solution

Mobile devices are transforming every industry, and yours is no exception. Mobile POS could be the catalyst that propels your business to new heights. Modern technology guarantees quicker service, happier customers, and better throughput.

Simplify Back-Office Operations

As a business owner, one of your top priorities is your establishment’s efficiency. Your back-office operations can easily be managed through a cloud-based, mobile POS solution. Instantly, you have access to your business’s insights and can manage your back office anywhere, anytime.

Improve Wait Staff Workflow

The benefits of mobile technology reach beyond your back-office operations. Your staff relies on the business’s POS system for efficiency and accuracy. Gone are the days where your wait staff’s orders are lost in translation from their notepad to the input system. The flexibility of a mobile system lets them quickly handle everything from customized orders and menus to splitting checks on the fly.

Impress Your Customers

Not only will you completely streamline operations for your back office and serving staff, but visitors will appreciate your use of modern, mobile-based technology. They’ll be excited to come back just for the contemporary experience.

Customer service is the foundation of a loyal customer base. Everyone likes personalization, and with a mobile POS solution, your customers will benefit from a speedy, customized checkout.

Here’s what your customers will love:

  • Pay at the table with signature capture
  • Receipts via email
  • Free online ordering
  • Customer loyalty program
  • A text message when their table is ready
  • A text message when food is ready for pick-up
  • Text messages with exclusive offers

Take advantage of a mobile POS solution, so you and your staff can spend more time focusing on improving sales, satisfaction, security, and accuracy.

Partner with Postec

For 30 years, Postec has selected the best POS solutions available to offer our customers. Now mobile-friendly, our solutions continue the tradition of innovation and staying ahead of the curve with more advanced features that address your daily challenges.

Mobile technology goes beyond your management needs. Today’s consumer market is more on-the-go and connected than ever, and they expect their experience at your business to meet their preferences. You’ll increase speed, convenience, and efficiency while creating a memorable experience for your customers.

Postec customers are confident that their investment in industry-leading technology will be a wise and enduring decision for years to come.

Call Postec today at 800-783-9413, and you’ll have access to the latest generation of products that were designed from the top down to allow total store control in multiple environments.

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