Why is customer experience important? Studies have found that over 80 percent of customers will spend more on a product if they feel a personal connection to the business.

Tuesday, October 2nd, is the sixth annual Customer Experience Day (CX Day).

In light of this, how can restaurants and retail shops show appreciation for their patrons?

Before answering this question, though, doesn’t the question itself sound a bit trite?

After all, isn’t that what your restaurant or retail shop already does? Your hostess and wait staff smile at the customers and thank them for coming in and write a big smiley face on the check (unless your POS system has the option of no-receipt printing like ours does). And if you have a brick and mortar shop, your sales associates are friendly and tell the customers not to hesitate if they need any help….

What, then, are the mind-blowing revelations of the five previous CX Day experiences?

For starters, as this YouTube video on the CX Day attests:

● Over 80 percent of customers will spend more on a product if they feel a personal connection to the business.
● Your revenue will increase by 20% if your customers feel like their needs are placed first.
● Businesses that implement customer experience best practices boost revenues by an average 17% compared to 3% standard revenue growth

In light of these stats and others revealed from previous CX Day events, your revenues will only skyrocket if you do more than the minimum of telling your employees to tell your customers, “Thank you. Have a nice day.”

What is CX Day?

According to the organization who puts on CX Day-Customer Experience Professionals Association, an organization of over 400 certified individuals from 30 countries-some of the questions you should be asking yourself if you want to boost revenue are:

Are you obsessed with your customers? Are you really listening to them and understanding their needs? And are you teaching your employees to do the same?

If you’re interested in learning some customer experience ideas for your business, CX Day will host online events.

And here’s a review on CX Day that aptly explains its purpose:

“CX Day is [an] opportunity to get Organizations, professionals, providers, and CX supporters around the world to obsess about their customers for a day and heighten awareness overall of the importance and impact of the CX industry!”

–Ben London
Experience Advisor at Experience Catalysts

Although you might have neither the time nor inclination to get certified by the CX Professionals Association, if you attend either local or online events, you will likely go home with at least one beneficial take away from CX Day.

Enhance Customer Experience Now

But even before CX Day, there are things you can implement right away to enhance customer experience. For instance, if you haven’t yet instituted a loyalty program, do it.

Collect your customers’ email addresses. Offer an incentive for doing so (such as in-store credit, free gift card, etc.).

Even if you sell nothing online, use email marketing automation to send coupons on customer birthdays.

You can also send automated emails that describe your business core values and background.

For example, if you are a restaurant and serving organic, locally-raised fare is essential to your modus operandi, send a series of emails that describe where the food is sourced. Your customers will have a much deeper connection to your restaurant if they know where their food comes from. (Consequently, you’ll be able to justify charging more for a burger if the meat comes from a grass-fed farm just a few miles away.)

Does your place of business support philanthropic causes or civic projects? Make it prominently known by sharing on your social media profiles, email campaigns and in-store banners and marketing collateral.

Send your customers text message alerts with coupon codes or other incentives.

These are just a handful of customer experience ideas for your business. For more ideas, explore the Customer Experience Day website here.

And shame on us lest we fail to mention that a critical part of enhancing the customer experience is to have a best-in-class point-of-sale (POS) system that among several other things, can make it easy to manage your store’s loyalty program and email marketing.

Want to know how a point-of-sale system can enhance your customer experience? Contact us today for a demonstration.

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