Insider Tip: The Seafood Counter at Buford Highway Farmers Market
Don’t be misled by the name; the Buford Highway Farmers Market is not technically a farmers’ market, but a megastore covering more than 100,000 sq ft. Inside, you’ll find 40 aisles of fresh and packaged foods organized by country of origin. Even though it’s located just yards outside the Perimeter, it feels worlds away from Atlanta.  Russian ice cream, spiky Asian fruits, freshly griddled tortillas and Eastern European pastries are just a few of the unusual finds. Frequent goers will tell you that the most impressive draw is the winding seafood counter. It displays more than 100 varieties of pristine fish and shellfish packed on ice. The familiar, like pickled crab, wild shrimp, snapper & Dover sole, mingle with the exotic – kingfish, shark and silver pomfrets. Insider tip:  the staff will prep the fish one of eight different ways, including cleaned with head on, filleted, cut into steaks and butterflied. Buford Highway Farmers Market

100+ varieties of seafood at the Buford Highway Farmers Market

Buford Highway Farmers Market Seafood Counter

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