Employee morale

Both the hospitality and retail business are difficult and it’s easy for employees to feel like Rodney Dangerfield — like they get no respect.

If you’re concerned about the staff, there are several ways to boost employee morale. After all, your people are some of your best assets if they’re engaged, satisfied and ready to take on a challenge each day.

That said, here are some ways to improve morale for a staff that’s working hard for your business:

Volunteer Together
Brining the staff together for a day of volunteering can bring meaning to an otherwise mundane daily routine. See what types of activities the employees would not just enjoy but find some satisfaction. They may want to resurface floors at a Habitat for Humanity build or they might like to sort canned goods at a food shelter.

Helping others who are less fortunate can bring perspective to life’s inevitable ups and downs. As a side benefit to the business, these volunteer activities often bring together employees who may not otherwise interact during their day-to-day responsibilities during normal working conditions. This gives them a chance to build stronger bonds and understand the different personalities in the business.

Host a Potluck Dinner
The potluck dinner (or lunch) can let employees unify around a common theme: a sit down meal. But, because everyone has likely contributed, it gives employees a chance to be creative and display some individuality with the dish they prepare.

If you work in the restaurant or hospitality business, it can be especially interesting to let the employees flex their creative muscles with food. The meal also provides an excuse to talk in a different setting, allowing employees to relax while getting to know one another.

Work on Fitness Together
Going for a group bike ride or joining a 10K race as a company can bring employees together for a fun day of sweating together. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a strenuous activity though: a group walk can also do the trick.

The objective is to get everyone into a different environment where they get their blood flowing and discover more about one another while (hopefully) having fun.

Plan Happy Hours
Perhaps after the working on fitness together, it’s time for a happy hour where everyone on the staff can relax over a few drinks and talk to each other in a new setting. Employees typically enjoy getting to know about one another’s lives outside of work and a happy hour is often an ideal setting for creating this type of exchange.

Of course, you want to make sure things don’t go overboard with the alcohol. Maybe it’s best for the business to pay for the first round and then let the employees decide for themselves if they want to continue the conversation with additional drinks.

Express Gratitude
Of all the ideas for boosting morale, this one may be the most powerful. Expressing gratitude to employees lets them know that the management appreciates all the hard work they put in and that it is noticed.

It’s also more personal. The employee receives the recognition and they know that they are a valuable asset to the business.

And in the end, that’s the goal: to keep employees happy and their morale high.

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