restaurant network security

As part of a partnership with Postec, we offer restaurant cyber security, hotel cyber security, grocery cyber security and retail cyber security.  We will make sure your network is secure.

With the prevalence of recent data breaches, there’s no longer a need to explain why a business needs cyber security.  However, there are different levels of security and things you need to know as a business owner.

Protecting a business from disruption due to inadequate computer security is an essential part of business planning. Insufficient security controls anywhere within the business can wreak havoc on normal operations and open the possibility of fines, fees, lawsuit, theft, extortion and more.

In an ongoing weekly blog series, we’ll focus on the what of network security – why a multilayered approach is necessary and why it’s such a huge focus for Postec.

We’re all familiar with terms like router and firewall.  Well, the router/firewall is only the first layer of defense.  And the speed of it needs to be matched to the speed of your internet, otherwise it will really slow you down.  Have you ever waited at a small business for your credit card transaction to go through or for something to pull up on the internet that the clerk is looking up for you?  That could very likely be the router/firewall and not their internet service provider.  A poorly matched firewall can also leave you vulnerable today’s sophisticated cyber attacks.

If you’ve been investigating your firewall, you may have heard the term Next Generation Firewall, or NGFW.  NGFW is used to describe the newer firewalls with the power and features needed to provide the advanced security controls necessary for today’s much more demanding and connected business environment.  The selected NGFW must be matched to the specific network environment taking into account type of ISP device, bandwidth, failover, projected usage and many other factors.

For more information on what kind of router/firewall you need and/or you’d like us to check yours out, you can reach our security exports via email, or call 800.783.9413.

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