Shopping woman at the checkout paying by card

Shopping woman at the checkout paying by card

The pandemic certainly pushed lots of industries to embrace technology. One of those industries — the grocery industry — was already on a path to becoming more technological but the pandemic sped up that process by several years.

As more and more people have come to realize the benefits of technology in the grocery industry, they’re looking for even more ways it can be used to improve operations and customer satisfaction.

Of course, at the heart of those technology improvements is the modern grocery point of sale system. There’s hardly an area of the food store that isn’t affected by the point of sale.

Wondering how a better POS solution can help your store? Here are six benefits of using a modern point of sale:

1. Improvements in Warehouse Efficiency
A modern point of sale system will integrate with your inventory system (or, in some cases, act as your inventory system) and help improve operations in the warehouse. Many times, it’s possible to receive alerts when inventory levels get low and you’ll know more about what’s sold and by how much over a certain time period. This makes reordering easier to predict.

2. Reduction in Checkout Lines
It probably goes without saying but no one likes long check out lines. A modern point of sale system can help alleviate that problem by making check out simpler. In many cases, grocery stores can set up self checkout lines. In addition, the point of sale makes cashier check outs faster by reducing the total number of button taps required to check out. Modern systems often invest a lot in user design to make sure the process is as smooth as possible.

3. Better Handling of Complicated Pricing
Sometimes, pricing gets a little … complicated. For whatever the reason, the pricing can get that way but a point of sale system needs to respond and provide accurate numbers when a customer wants to ring up an item. With a modern point of sale system, that shouldn’t present a problem. Most of the time, programming the pricing is not difficult for an administrator. This helps ensure a smoother checkout process where lines are kept to a minimum (remember benefit #2 above).

4. Better Management of Promotions and Coupons
This is very important given how much promotions and coupons drive business at a grocery store. The modern point of sale can help managers not only keep track of promotions, when they start, when they end and what sorts of discounts to apply but they can also provide robust reporting to measure the success of the program. As for coupons, the point of sale should easily track them and, again, provide success reporting to let you know what items are helping to increase revenues.

5. Improvements in Reliability and Functionality
The last thing a grocery store manager needs is a point of sale system that breaks or otherwise malfunctions. Today’s hardware is built to last and the software is reliable. What does that mean for your store? It means the managers can have piece of mind that the system will run when it needs to run. And, because the system is connected to the Internet, it means the software can be updated periodically to include new features and functionality as needed. The best part? There’s often no fee for the software improvements.

6. Improvements in Employee Productivity
As mentioned above, the point of sale system affects so many different parts of the store. And because of that, a modern point of sale system can improve employee productivity in so many different places. It can make counting inventory simpler. It can make producing sales reports faster. It can schedule employees more efficiently. The bottom line is that there are numerous ways it frees up time for managers to do other work, such as creating ways to improve sales.

Want to learn even more benefits of modern grocery point of sale systems? Contact us today for a demonstration.

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