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Is your bar or restaurant ready for New Year’s Eve? It’s the most profitable holiday so make sure you have more inventory than normal.

For some people, New Year’s Eve is just like any other night. But for lots of your customers, it will be the biggest celebration of the year. More food and more alcohol for your customers means more profits for your establishment. In fact, for many bars and restaurants, New Year’s Eve is the most profitable holiday of the year. Thus, make sure you follow some of these tips for hosting a memorable and successful New Year’s Eve….

Manage Inventory In Advance

Don’t let low supply of bubbly ruin New Year’s Eve for your customers. Make sure that by the middle of December, you pre-order enough champagne, party favors, glassware, cleaning supplies, utensils, and food. There’s nothing wrong with having a little too much inventory. But customers may have a negative association with your establishment long after New Year’s Eve celebrations are over if they didn’t get what they wanted: lots of champagne, good food and solid entertainment.

Sound Advice

Speaking of entertainment, whether the music for New Years will be a live band, DJ or solo act, make sure the PA system is operating without any glitches well before the festivities begin. Do you have a plan B in case your live entertainment has been struck down last minute with the flu? And in case you need to switch to plan B is there a sweet deal you can offer your customers to soften the blow of them not hearing the expected headlining entertainment? Perhaps a free $25 gift card or 2 for 1 entrees for a future visit?

Go With a Theme

To make the night more memorable, pick a theme for the night. People enjoy dressing up so pick a decade that encourages a fun sartorial participation. Think 1920’s and bobbed haircuts and cropped hairstyles, and cloche hats, and dangling timepieces and monocles.

Encourage participation by having a contest. Top prize for best-dressed couple wins a $150 gift card. Hire a professional photographer for the night. Use the photos for your website and social media. And speaking of social media, start announcing NYE on your profiles at the beginning of December. Post reminders about registering for NYE once or twice daily. If you have an email list, send out an email campaign that rewards customers for RSVPing for NYE early. (For example, first 20 people to sign up get a free bottle of champagne or gift card.)

Setting Up For the Party

Are all the decorations ordered? Will everything be delivered well before Dec. 31? You don’t want to chance it with last minute deliveries. Try to have all inventory, including party favors and decorations delivered at least one week before New Year’s Eve.

Make sure you or the manager has a list of New Year’s Eve preparations printed out for employees.

Don’t Throw Away Leftovers

You can always store extra bottles of unopened champagne for next year. But when it comes to edible food, see if your restaurant can donate leftovers to a local food pantry or homeless social service.

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