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There seem to be two types of restaurateurs when it comes to POS. There are those who get the benefit of running a restaurant with technology, and therefore budget for a POS upgrade every 5-7 years. Conversely, there are those who use their legacy POS they may or may not have bought off Craigslist and plan to keep using it until the End of Days.  If you’re waiting until the wheels fall off that POS, here are some great reasons to consider an earlier upgrade with MICROS support.

(5) Reliability

Point of sale hardware and software is no different from any other technology you use – it falls apart. Are you constantly having to reboot it? Is some of the functionality not that functional? And while many of the basics of what a POS does hasn’t changed too much in 20 years, it’s like having to text on a flip phone. It still works, but it can be frustrating to employees.

(4) Save Space, Save Energy

A great benefit of cloud-based technology is not having to have the traditional server in your back office. Also, terminals have less hard-wiring (or none) and can be mounted in places they previously couldn’t be. This could mean less time your servers have to spend walking back and forth. In addition to human energy, there’s an energy cost savings when you go to the cloud.  Having a server means having a higher energy bill vs. using one that utilizes the cloud.

(3) Marketing Tools

Outside of the restaurant world, businesses use customer relationship management software (CRM). CRM allows you to track your customers and document their preferences. A POS can do the exact same thing, as any of us who have ever been to Starbucks know. Previously, Loyalty was only a capability of a few (or one) type of POS. Now, it’s becoming standard. A POS can keep track of each customer by name, credit card information and/or phone number. But wait, there’s more. If a current customer is walking by your location, he/she can receive a text with your latest offer – using your POS.

(2) Make it Easier for Your Customer

Most companies describe this as “omnichannel,” which it is, but it’s really empowering the customer and giving the customer new and/or improved ways to interact with your store. Recent Oracle research surveyed millennials and over half of the respondents said they’d prefer to not just order food online, but order via their mobile devices. Do you have an online menu? Is it dynamic & connected to your POS so that when you make changes, it changes? Or is it a static menu that you forget about? Is it responsive design so that it’s viewable on any device? It needs to be!

Inside your location, customers can sign checks electronically, improving security and opt to be emailed a receipt. Especially when you’re traveling for business or if you want to remember a great location, an emailed receipt is very helpful.

(1) Security

The top reason to upgrade your POS is cyber security.  If you have older hardware, you have an older operating system (OS). Support may not be available for the older OS, which frequently happens and you can’t receive an update because of your hardware. This makes you increasingly vulnerable to security breaches.

Oracle Hospitality recently came out with a short white paper called 7 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your POS. Some of them, I’ve covered above.

To see their 7 signs, read them here. Contact us today if you’re ready for a POS upgrade with MICROS support.


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