Set a few point of sale goals for this year.

The new year is always a good time for business owners to reflect and set up goals for the next 12 months. If that happens to be part of your routine, it’s probably a good idea this year to make sure you’re up to speed on the latest technology available to small business owners. In particular, point-of-sale technology is constantly evolving so it makes sense to keep abreast of what’s out there.

Here are five areas to investigate for point-of-sale goals and resolutions:

1. Check out sleek hardware that can elevate your brand
What impression do you want to portray when a customer enters your store? That’s a trick question because naturally every business owner wants to portray a good image. That means a welcoming entrance that’s going to induce the customer to venture further in and browse the merchandise or, in the case of a restaurant, look for a place to sit.

But, the way a customer exits the establishment can leave an impression as well. And, having a point-of-sale system that looks classy and clean will certainly impress people when they go to pay before leaving. So, for that reason, it makes sense to check out the latest point-of-sale models this year to see if there’s one that can help elevate your brand

2. Utilize inventory management
Still haven’t gotten around to using inventory management? Make this year the year to finally buckle down and begin using smart inventory tools (some of which may be integrated with your point of sale) to keep stock levels at appropriate levels. Ideally, that means not too much and not too little. Think about Goldilocks.

3. Learn about remote management systems
Technology continues to advance at breakneck speeds so it can be hard to keep abreast of the latest tools. But, this is one area where point-of-sale owners (and definitely kiosk owners) will want to learn more this year. Remote management systems can help be your eyes and ears on your equipment when you’re not around. In a nutshell, a remote management system is software that can run on your technology and alert you in case something goes wrong.

This can be especially important if you have a kiosk in your store that has stopped working and your employees are too busy to bother calling anyone to get it fixed. They might not even know who to call to get it fixed. So, the kiosk stands there, not working and leaving a bad impression on your customers, many of whom would rather use a kiosk than interact with a human being.

4. Create marketing campaigns that integrate with POS data
How many small business owners out there wish they could improve their marketing? It’s probably safe to say all of them. Make this the year that you finally step up your marketing efforts to capture more business. How will you do that? Well, the first thing you can do is look at the data collected by your point of sale system and use it to improve your customer segmentation. If you are using your point of sale system as a loyalty program, you should be able to match loyalty club members to their purchases. If you can figure out anything about the demographics of the buyers of your most popular items, that data can be used to market to other, similar people in those demographics who may also be interested in what you sell.

5. Investigate whether kiosks are right for your business
Wondering what this whole self-service trend is all about? Take some time this year to learn how kiosks and other unattended retail options can affect your business. Several large restaurant chains are using kiosks to hep with labor costs and improve customer satisfaction. Retail businesses are adopting kiosk technology as well for many of the same reasons. Can kiosks or self service machines help you improve profits by reducing costs? Set aside one morning or afternoon to find out.

Want to learn more about the latest point of sale options for your business? Contact us today to set up a demo.

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