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Look for ways to stand out from the competition this coming holiday season.

If you want to be competitive this year, you’ll need to stand out from the competition. Here are a few tips for making your retail shop experience unique in ways that should attract more customers:

1. Offer new products
Keep your inventory fresh with a selection of new items that customers likely have not seen elsewhere. If something is new to the marketplace, it will generate excitement and some people will come to the store just to see the newest version of whatever it is that you sell. For instance, if you sell electronics and you have the latest version of a name brand wireless speaker, you should offer customers the ability to come into the store to have a listen. As an added bonus, bringing in new merchandise on a regular basis will make it seem like a new store all over again to existing customers who will want to stop in every so often to see the new stock.

2. Create a unique in-store experience
Here’s where your creativity should come into play. You can create small experiences that stick in people’s minds like offering a cold drink on a hot day or putting a candy jar filled with mints near your retail point-of-sale. You can also try to create a unique ambiance in the store by playing music or wafting in the scent of apple pie. You can also use digital screens to present unique visuals that will contribute to a unique in-store experience. In turn, the memory of the unique experience should lead to more repeat buyers and more word-of-mouth referrals.

3. Train your employees to offer over-the-top customer satisfaction
Speaking of generating great word-of-mouth referrals, few things can do it better than a satisfied customer. To that end, it’s important to train your staff so that they can provide customers with everything they need for a satisfying transaction. That means teaching the employees everything there is to know about the products in the store and anticipating the types of questions customers pose most often about each one. Customers always appreciate the extra knowledge and it helps position your store as the place to go for expertise on a certain subject.

4. Build a loyalty program for more repeat buyers
It’s well-known by now that loyalty programs are effective marketing tools. Customers who participate in these programs are often fiercely loyal to a brand or business (see Starbucks for an example). Again, this will attract more customers to your retail shop by way of repeat customers who ought to come back time and again to rack up more points or rewards or whatever it is that you’ll be offering through your loyalty program.

Want to learn how a point of sale system can help with a loyalty program and more repeat buyers? Contact us today for a demonstration.

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