Online ordering for a restaurant

Consumers have always wanted a friction-less payment experience. It’s just now that technology is actually supplying it to them.

Restaurants are jumping on the trend, with investments in technologies that include the ability for customers to order ahead via a website or through a mobile app.

If you’re still on the fence, here are four reasons for why your restaurant should consider order ahead technology:

The demand is real
Fast Casual magazine published an article at the end of last year with several eye-popping data points, including a finding that 58 percent of consumers ordered a meal via a website or mobile app in the previous 12 months. In addition, the article noted that one in 10 apps on consumers’ phones were restaurant apps and that 57 percent of fast casual customers said pre-ordering was a feature they most wanted to see from a restaurant app.

Customers are inclined to spend more
The follows the trend that many restaurant technology applications display when a human is removed from the equation: customers will spend more when they don’t feel judged by their order. In addition, they tend to spend more because the website or app will not forget to upsell the customer on drinks, side items and desserts.

Order accuracy will improve
When the customer enters their own order, the odds of a mistake happening are reduced. There’s no danger that a cashier will mis-interpret something the customer said or that the customer will mispronounce something. One caveat: the design of the website or app should ensure that the order will be accurate. It should provide a summary of the order prior to the customer submitting the order and it should provide an email receipt to the customer and the restaurant manager just in case there is a dispute.

You can collect important customer info
Collecting customer information is very important for future marketing efforts. At the very least, you can make use of the customer’s email address to send them offers and news. If you want to get more complicated, you can also use their prior order history to send targeted deals. For instance, if you know that certain customers like to eat specialty dishes, send them an email whenever you introduce a new specialty dish to your menu.

Online ordering will facilitate the collection of those email addresses and, if the online ordering system is tied into the restaurant point-of-sale system, you should have the complete customer history at your disposal.

With that, marketing to your customer base becomes that much easier.

Want to learn more about how you can integrate online ordering with a point-of-sale system? Contact us today for demo.

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