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Oracle-MICROS is transforming businesses everywhere, one industry at a time. This corporate merge has vastly improved the power of the cloud, social, mobile, and the internet of things to transform businesses. Ultimately, this unity has resulted in better customer service and experience.  

As the company irons out the kinks, you may experience some troubleshooting problems and seek MICROS support. However, the brand’s innovations are still positively impacting the retail, food & beverage, and hotel industries.  

Here’s how the Oracle-Micros deal is changing the POS industry.  

1. Retail Solutions  

Have you ever been in line at a store and heard the store clerks call for back up in the checkout lanes? With Oracle-MICROS, your customers will no longer face exponential lines at select retail stores. The company’s retail solutions are completely changing the customer experience.  

For example, Old Navy only used to check out customers through cash registers at the front of the store. Thanks to the merge, stores use POS tablets throughout the store to take care of customers, no matter where they are. Not only does this speed up the customers’ time in store, but it also leads to more revenue. 

2. Food & Beverage Solutions  

One of the most frustrating experiences for restaurant guests is being accidentally skipped over on the wait list. Hostesses no longer need a pen and paper to notify people waiting. Oracle-MICROS tablets now streamlines the manual process for hostesses. This software lets hosts record names, the party total, and type any notes needed to make sure the guests’ needs are addressed. 

The technology resulting from this deal has greatly impacted managers and the business’ efficiency. These tablets provide insight into guest specifics that they would otherwise have to hunt down manually. This can help with staff scheduling challenges and delayed ticket times.  Fixing these age-old problems opens the door to more revenue and guest throughput.  

3. Hotel Solutions 

No matter how large or small, a hotel’s success revolves around customer service. They’re always looking to improve house cleaning, concierge, valet, and more. If check out time is at noon and check in time is at 4:00pm, housekeepers only have four hours to clean those rooms before anyone can check in.  

Oracle-MICROS now offers tablets that are connected to the front desks. The cleaning crew is alerted as soon as guests leave, and they begin cleaning as soon as possible. If the hotel industry wants to continue growing and impress their guests, they’ll need to start adopting new technology. 

Oracle-MICROS is changing the POS industry by pushing into larger markets and deeper relationships. Postec has been a proven, reliable partner in providing effective POS technology solutions for thirty years. Contact us today for MICROS support, or if you’re ready to get started with Oracle Hospitality.  

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